Easter 2009, this and that

Well - Easter has come and gone again. Another mound of eggs dyed, and a ton of deviled eggs made in return! We started off our Easter weekend by going to see Mike's dad in a play about the crucifixion of Christ, and the Resurrection. Mike's dad played Jesus and he did a fabulous job! Who knew he was such an actor! We got home and dyed eggs - and except for the two spills and Kaitlyn painting her hands instead of the eggs - it was a great time! Akasha, Jarod and I tye-dyed eggs with food coloring and it was pretty cool!
I got up early the next day and went in to "Betty cracker mode". I baked blueberry orange muffins for everyone, warmed some spice cake with cream cheese, made some fresh carrot/apple juice and Mike cut up some fresh pineapple. And - I baked a pineapple upside down cake all by 10:00! The kids found 70 real eggs and 52 plastic eggs! No one knew what the plastic eggs had in them - they were a special delivery from the gramma bunnies! Kaitlyn was particularly interested in them -over the "big eggs" which was weird (she must have had a sixth sense about it). She got A.D.D. and decided to go through her basket, and popped open one of the plastic eggs and a dollar popped out. Jarod looked over - and started grabbing up as many plastic eggs as he could find! It was too funny! You can see the pic to the right (in the slide show) with all of them holding up their "cold hard cash"! Thanks gramma bunnies for the cute eggs - man those kids were so excited! Thanks to Jamie for taking the rest of the pics of the day - as my camera's batteries died. Oops.

Oh yea - Jamie, Mike and the kids are back home! They made it safe and sound! Looks like they are going to be staying with us for awhile, as they can't get post housing for 4-6 months, they can't register the kids for school in the springs until they get housing. So everyone will know how to get a hold of them at least until school is out!