Another snowy Halloween

With the storm dropping a ton of snow on us (and still snowing) I am reminded of all the snowy Halloween's as a kid. I remember being SO upset about not being able to go trick or treating because the weather was just too bad. One Halloween in particular I remember Bev was even disappointed. She stopped at the store and got us a bunch of scary movies, we got to eat cream of wheat for dinner (which was a treat and one of our favorites) and eat all the candy that we had to give the trick-or-treaters. I think we ended up having a few die hard kids that year (clearly their parents didn't win the battle). It ended up being one of the best Halloweens! I can still picture Jamie and I on our tummy's in the living room (on Baltic St) watching the creep show - and laughing at Mom who thought it was the scariest, most disgusting movie ever! HA! That still cracks me up. I also remember the time I got my tonsils out 8 days before Halloween and was DETERMINED to be well. I was a zombie punk rocker. The zombie part was unintentional. Snowy Halloween Lights

Good Times! I remember all the fights with Mom and Bev about having to wear my jacket over my costume (or winter boots for crying out loud!) Me, "But if I wear my jacket no one will see my costume" Bev, "well if you don't wear your jacket, no one will see you - period". I wore the jacket, begrudgingly. I remember dressing up for school (that was the best) and getting to do the costume parade!

Kim and I as Gypsy's in Grade School at one of the costume parades. I hated this costume at first because it was "home made" and not store bought (like all the other kids). But when I got to school and parents and teachers thought my ear rings were the best ever - well... it quickly turned in to one of my most favorite costumes ever! :-)

The view from my front porch this morning.

I find myself thinking about this as my little girl gears up for her first snowy Halloween. Last year was a fluke - it is NEVER nice enough here to trick or treat on Halloween - with only a light jacket. She is so excited and I am hoping she will get to go to a few houses - or I will find myself in the same predicament as Mom and Bev... "what to do with a ticked off trick-or-treater!"

I will add that Mike couldn't be MORE happy with the weather. For one, he loves the cold - but more importantly, he gets to use the snow blower! Kaitlyn loves it because she gets to use her bucket and fill it with snow - to make stuff! Guinness loves to tunnel through it - I am the odd one out. I am making it through this mess by imagining myself on a beach, with a fruity cocktail of some kind - smelling coconut suntan lotion....aaaahhhh.
Yesterday afternoon. You can't see the grin because he took off so fast!

Kaitlyn was super excited yesterday to go dig! Boy - wonder what she is going to think of today's accumulation!

Guinness in his tunnel path this morning.

Tea Anyone?

Last night as Mike was on the phone and I (undoubtedly) was playing around on FB, I heard Kaitlyn downstairs talking to someone. "What's that honey? WHAT?! No - Stop it, I can't understand you honey, What? OH, OK!"

Intrigued, I came down to see what she was doing.

This is what I saw.

Every place neatly set on a blanket table cloth, complete with a coaster (plate), a crayon(spoon or fork) a tissue (napkin) and some of her bears patiently waiting to be served a gourmet meal. She even had a centerpiece!
The bears were dressed in their Wednesday night best (her old nightgowns that she refuses to get rid of even though they fit her like a t-shirt)! Apparently the bears were a bit upset that there was no "real" food.
I came down just in time to see her heading for the pantry - where I will point out Mike was sitting next to and had no idea the mess she was about to make. LOL.
I just love watching her play and use her imagination.


Lil' Munchkins party

Kaitlyn was well enough to go back to school last Thursday, just in time for her first Halloween party. Mrs. Holly allowed me to sit in and help out - so I snapped a few photos. It was so sweet to see all the kids interacting and learning. They made treat bags, had story time, they danced and sang and searched for Halloween eggs filled with treats - the makings of a fine party I must say!
I really enjoyed being able to be a part of their day - and the popcorn balls were to die for! Seriously - best I've ever had!!

Here are a few of my favorite shots - see the slide show on the side for the rest.

She is super excited about trick-or-treating this year - and even more SO to be Wonder Woman! Man, to be a kid again!

Lions and tigers and Swine flu - Oh MY!

No lions or tigers, although I'm sure I growled just as much as one. Kaitlyn came down with the swine flu and narrowly escaped hospitalization. My poor little angel had a fever of 103 (with Motrin) for 4 days. I was able to get the presciption for tamiflu, although her Doctor said it wouldn't be available much longer. She is mostly better now, no fever, but still doing breathing treatments (we are down to two a day). During this time Mike was also sick.
It is so hard and scary to see a little one so sick. I am so thankful she is on the road to recovery!
Now - after taking care of Mike and Kaitlyn, I am starting to come down with something.
Where is my tea? My tissues? My soup? My vicks rub down?
I got nadda.
Sigh - such is life. The life of a Mom.