Spring Blizzard 2009

Yesterday we got a huge snowstorm! I work about 11.5 miles from here and it took me 2.5 hours to get home. We got about 15 inches - but with the wind, the drifts were well over 2 feet. Today was a lovely day, Kaitlyn was especially excited to get out and play in the snow! Krista and Kylie, and her friend Kylie Sue were out sledding so we joined them!
Playing in the backyard with Guinness

"I am making a snowball man!"

On your marks, get set, GO!


I thought this bird was so pretty! He was probably so confused! "Where did all the stems and blooms go?!"

Here are the girls - Man they sure had a blast!!

Krista took one of Kaitlyn and I - such a great pic!

These last two pics - are priceless! Krista and Kaitlyn went down, crashed and got up laughing - Here is the video to prove it! HA HA HA!

What a great place we live in!

The best craft ever!

I was browsing Easter crafts online and came across this one... Easter egg window clings!

Here are a few pics of the ones we made!

They were so simple! All you need is:
a roll of clear contact paper, paint brushes, paint (we used acrylic), fine sandpaper and masking tape. Go here:
http://www.skiptomylou.org/2008/03/06/window-silhouettes/ for the complete instructions of how to make them. They were simple and easy - and Kaitlyn really loved it! Two recommendations: 1) cut the squares out ahead of time (I made mine 6x6) for each "egg" you make cut two pieces of contact paper. (You can get a roll of contact paper at wal-mart for cheap!) 2) once the paint is dry - flatten the squares with a heavy book overnight - that way they won't roll up on you!
The ideas for this craft are limitless! Spring flowers - Flags and stars - pumpkins etc. etc! I imagine you can use finger paints - but I used acrylic.
Enjoy crafty friends!

A "surprise?" party for Mike

I'm sure you all noticed the title - It was supposed to be a surprise poker party for my husband's 38Th birthday. My dear, sweet husband pretended he knew nothing (when i say pretended, it was more like put on a show) for a few days until i was convinced someone blew it. Yes, someone did blow it!! ME!!!

I inadvertently sent my husband a text message (meant for his friend Rayme) telling him all about his surprise party. Sigh. Oh well - it was the thought that counted right? It ended up being a blessing because I had him help! :-)

The party was great - All our friends and neighbors came, the kids had a blast!

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the night!

Monique and Sarah C.

Sarah B and Krista

Rayme (and baby Makayla), Rico suave (I mean Roger) and Mike. AKA the brat pack.

Rayme, Mike and Jan chillin'

Rayme, Gabe and Mike having a birthday "libation"!

To see all of the pics go here:


Thanks to everyone who came - and did their best not to tell Mike. I promise the next "surprise" party I throw will actually be a surprise! Sigh - And as you can see I was too busy playing poker to take a pic of everyone playing the game! Next time! :-)

On his actual Birthday, I had dinner for the family - Mike got a lot of nice gifts (and I can't wait to put him to work using them!) and was really pleased - so thanks to the family for the nice gifts and the company!

Uncle Mikey keeps his promise

While Mike was fighting the war in Iraq, he would call or email or video chat with us to keep in touch. Kaitlyn LOVES her uncle Mikey. In fact most other people are chopped liver if Uncle Mikey is around. Anyway - while he was in Iraq he promised to bring Kaitlyn a present back from Iraq. He got home safe and sound (Thank you Jesus!) from his third tour and sent her this:

Now - the thing around her waist is supposed to go around her head, but she wasn't having it - so I think it's cute as a belt too! It's a tad too small ;-(
so I am asking my friend at work if she can alter it some so it will fit her for a bit -
You have to agree, she is ADORABLE!
Thanks Uncle Mikey -

February has come and gone -

Man - where did that month go? I was sick I think the whole month! Now that we are all healthy in this house - knock on wood - I feel like updating my blog!
So - most of you know that I really could care less about Valentine's day - I think its a commercial holiday and it's really something fun for the kids. I would rather get flowers, or go out to dinner because it's "insert any old day of the week here" not because Hallmark tells you to do something special. It feels too contrived. However, I know that it is a special day for many people (my Mom and Jennifer, Krista) so I try to be sensitive to that. This year my Mom and Jennifer were here, so we planned a really nice dinner at home - at a fraction of the price I might add! When I got home, Mike and Kaitlyn surprised me with some flowers. I love flowers! These weren't your average grabbed from a grocery store bucket flowers - they were handmade and so thoughtful! THIS is what Valentine's should be about. I was so touched and it is something that I will cherish forever!
You can see pics in the slideshow to the left.
We made King crab legs and filet Mignon - steamed asparagus, garlic Parmesan mashed potatoes and I ate everything! I was so full - man, I love food!
All in all it was a great day!