Jamie's Here!

She made it! At 2:00 this morning. Everyone here is just starting to wake up, and Kaitlyn is SO excited. At first she was more excited to see Denali and Kody (the dogs). She wasn't making the connection at first that if the dogs were here, and "jj" was here too. About five minutes ago she got it! She says, (after playing with Akasha for about 30 minutes) "HEY - Where's Aunt JJ?" So was so excited to see her sleeping! My sister is tired, and her butt hurts but she made it without many complications. She did run in to a thunder storm (poor dogs) in Kansas but missed any tornadoes! WHEW!

We finished up a long two weeks of spring cleaning last night about 10:00. And, that didn't include the downstairs. We were so exhausted that we just didn't care that our carpet looks spotty brown instead of white! (OK, it's not that bad - but you get the idea). Mike did an amazing job on the dog run, it looks so nice; and honestly our upstairs has never been this clean (big pat on the back to me)!

Today is our 4 year Anniversary! Let's see we have been together for 7 but married for 4. I can remember the day like it was yesterday. It was a beautiful day, everyone was happy, I looked beautiful, Mike was the handsomest (is that a word?) he has ever been and we had a great time with our friends and family. It seems like longer than four years - K, I know that doesn't sound good. What I mean is that so much has happened in four years, that I can't believe we fit it all in!

House, Marriage, Baby, Business ups and downs, Heath ups and downs, the good and the bad and many many more events that I'm sure were monumental at the time. I love my Husband and my life and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Do you know what I get for 4 years of marriage (per Hallmark's traditional wedding gift guide)? Fruit or Flowers. ??? So, I got mike a watermelon! Ha ha! Just kidding he doesn't even like watermelon! I think we are going to make fajitas and hang out at home!

Well, I'm going to sign off for now - to enjoy my day with my Sister and my niece's and nephew!


Can I be done now?

Happy Memorial Day!
Since my last post, I have been quite the cleaning bee. I have cleaned out three closets plus our linen closet, cleaned the spare bedroom, cleaned the carpets in the spare bedroom and the massage room, cleaned the massage room, cleaned the stove, washed pillows, blankets and sheets all the while finding time to interact with Kaitlyn and keep my husband fed. Mike has not been lying around either - I think he got the short straw! He "gutted" our dog run and is putting in pea gravel one wheel barrow at a time. He and his friend Rayme have also decided to move the "gate that leads to nowhere" to the front of the dog run. Quite the undertaking for a three day weekend. Today my plan is to finish the upstairs carpets and clean the bathroom. Mike still has quite a bit of work to do. He plans to finish the pea gravel and get the fence done!

Kaitlyn has been such a good girl during all of this. She has kept herself intertained and has been happy doing so! She is wearing her big girl panties most of the time now and is doing amazing! Here are some pics of the work and of Kaitlyn having fun in her new pool!

Gutted Dog Run & A Work in progress

The happy workers & The gravel!

Well, I better get my fanny in gear! Hopefully my next post will show you our completed dog run!
Happy Memorial day, and thanks to all the Vet's and Troops for their bravery and selflessness.


Catching up & Potty training

I thought I would take some time this morning to catch you up on the manzzy household. It is a beautiful morning here, and I am enjoying the peace and quite. Kaitlyn is still sleeping! (It's 10:00!) Mike is still sleeping! Kaitlyn did get up bright and early at 600, but I promptly told her it was not time to get up yet! So she crawled in bed with me and I put a show on for her. She must have fallen back asleep at around 700 - :-) Mike went out with a friend last night so I am sure he is enjoying his rare sleep in! As soon as Kaitlyn is up, she usually goes downstairs and "ax daddy for my hot choc-it". And he does it - so it's his own fault! That girl has him wrapped around her little finger! Don't tell anyone but I am wrapped too!

We bought Kaitlyn a potty quite a while ago - so that she would be familiar with it. She loves it and it has become quite handy in getting things down from places she shouldn't be touching! I began having her sit on the potty about 3 months ago - without a diaper. For the last few months after every bath she would sit on the potty while I got her clothes ready. My goal wasn't that she go - but get used to sitting long enough to go! However, the first time I did it - she went! And almost every time after that! Now, I couldn't get her to go any other time than after a bath. So, I started getting potty videos and books from the library. I stumbled on "Potty Time". It has a girl and a boy panda that go potty on the big kid potty. She loves it! A few days ago I came home from work and she was wearing her "big girl panties". And proudly announced that she pooped! Uggh. She was so upset that I had to take them off because they were dirty! Yesterday when I came home she was in her big girl panties again. Mike told her to tell me what she did. "I went potty on the big girl potty!" "All by myself!" All day yesterday she went to the potty by herself! She did have one accident because she was upstairs and her potty was downstairs - time was not on her side. But she still got most of it the potty! Now - I'm sure you're reading this thinking "I just spent that last five minutes of my life reading about pee and poop." But - this is a BIG DEAL in the mommy and daddy world! I am so proud and sad all at the same time! My baby is growing up! I bought her big girl panties about a month ago, and when I brought them home and washed them I cried. Mike thought I was insane! I yelled at him "MY BABY IS GOING TO WEAR PANTIES SOON - THAT'S SAD!" He walked away and left me alone. Yesterday - he was looking at her running around the house with panties on with tear in his eye and said "I can't believe she is wearing panties". :-p I knew he would "get it" soon enough!
Well, I better get on with my day!


Our music loving exchange student.

Today I woke up with a migraine. For those of you who don't know what they are, or what they feel like I will try to describe. Upon opening your eyes in the morning (which is when I usually get them) it feels like someone (and you're pretty sure it was a sumo wrestler or equivalent) had their way with your brain. It is most of the time excruciating pain, with marvelous side effects like sensitivity to light, sound, motion, and vomiting. Sometimes I will have "flashes" in my eyes - like someone is taking a million pictures of me. I understand what Britney must see everyday.

Today - no flashes just pain. LOTS OF PAIN. I tried using my tens unit, I tried massage, I tried popping my neck, I tried rubbing analgesic cream on my neck, shoulders and temples, coffee, water all the while knowing that nothing was going to help. When I wake up with a migraine there is nothing I can do but ride it out. If, on the rare occasion, I get one during the day a cold pack to my neck and some Advil will usually stop it. Luckily it was my day off. Now my normally compassionate, charming dear sweet husband - (insert eye roll here (thanks Monique)) could care less that I didn't feel well. It was my day to take care of Kaitlyn and come hell or high water I was not going to interfere with what he had planned. Sigh. Such is the life of a Mom - or should I say a stay at home Mom who's husband is also there. Oh well.

I drug myself out of bed to take her for pizza (which is all she wants lately so I guess I'll be stocking up on frozen pizza's again). Shortly after our arrival she promptly spills her "nemonade" on her lap and the floor. Sigh again. She didn't get that wet so we finished eating (it was delicious by the way). In the middle of eating she starts singing "Are you gonna be by girl" by Jet. VERY LOUDLY. "Ahem (clearing throat) Go!!So 1, 2, 3, come with me because you look so fine and i really wanna make you mine....Big black boots, long brown hair, she's so sweet with her get back stare. Well I could see, you home to me, but you were with another man, yea! I know we, ain't got much to say, before I let you get away, yea! I said, are you gonna be my girl?" I was cracking up! She was bobbing her head and dancing and squinting her face! I couldn't have been more proud! If there is one thing that I want my daughter to learn is a love and appreciation for music. If you want to hear the song its on my play list.

I came home to sleep off the remainder of my migraine which was intermittent at best. I must have dozed off and I hear Kaitlyn come in the room and say "mommy look". I open my eyes and this is what I saw:

I immediately started to laugh and grabbed the camera. I shall call her Katelina and she shall be mine!

Meet Katelina our newest member of the family!

Katelina noticing the "dot" on her forehead....
I sent her to the bathroom to wash her hands. I had already washed the dot off her head but she decided it wasn't good enough.

This is what happened next:

Its hard to see the bubbles that are in her hair -but trust me they are there!
So I guess the crappy day ended alright! It's always nice to end it with a smile! :-)

Well, have a great night hopefully I will too!



My husband just tricked out our daughter's hot wheels barbie jeep so that it is iPod ready.
MY CAR ISN'T EVEN iPOD READY! You should see him! He is positively giddy! I have to admit it's pretty cute.

We seriously need stock in Apple.

This kid cracks me up!

We bought Kaitlyn a barbie jeep at a yard sale over the weekend and she absolutely loves it! $20.00! What a deal!

It was a trick getting her in it at first (it moved and scared her), but now she doesn't want to get out! Mike is talking about jerry rigging the radio to play our iPod so she can have some tunes! I'm sure Kaitlyn will love it, driving around to "hollaback girl"! ( I know, it's sick... but we openly admit that we are unhealthy.) Here are a few pics and a video of the cuteness that is "Kaitlyn".
Today I came home from work and this is what Kaitlyn was wearing. Mike announced (as to clear himself of all wrong doing) "SHE DRESSED HERSELF"!
She tells me "look Mommy, I got dressed all by myself, I'm like a princess just like you!"

Now at first glance you might not notice that her shirt is inside out. At second glance you might not notice that her pants are on backwards! I let her stay like that because she was SO proud of herself - and you just can't mess with that!
Mother's day was nice. My husband got me a food processor! It SO rocks! I have wanted one for years! I already used it to make hummus! YUM! I got to eat pancakes for breakfast and steaks and grilled potatoes for dinner with my Mom! The weather was awesome and I was happy to be a "mommy"!
That's all for now! Check back soon!


Working Out and fun stuff

Mike has been working out for some time now - religiously! I am very proud of him! However, He keeps asking me if he is losing weight - like every day. I now know what Rachelle went through as a kid! LOL. For those of you that don't know, he would ask her every time he worked out if his muscles were getting bigger and she would always reply "no!" even if they were. Seriously, he is losing weight and I am really admiring his drive and commitment. So, I have started working out too! Man - my thighs are killing me! I'm telling you it is SO HARD to start working out when you've stopped. When I got pregnant with Kaitlyn I just decided that I would "get" to be fat! LOL. Well, I did! Mission accomplished!

On a side note, the workout craze has trickled down to Kaitlyn! It's a little dark, but still cute!

The other day, Kylie came over to play with Kaitlyn. This is what they did! Kaitlyn loves when she comes over to play! Don't they look so cute in their pink tutu's?

That's all for today! Gotta go make dinner!



So I wanted to write down a few things that I am certain to forget in a week.

As you all know Kaitlyn is a thumb sucker. Its only when she's tired, hungry or scared. The other day, she was sucking her thumb and I asked her "Angel, are you hungry?" "no - I not" "are you sleepy?" "no - I NOT!" So I say "OK, then why are you sucking your thumb? You must be sleepy". So she goes in the living room and starts watching TV. About two minutes later she comes in all happy and announces "I TOOK MY THUMB OUT!"
Now, you might be wondering why I didn't want to forget that - well it's because she finally made a connection. She knows that I will most likely put her to bed if she is sucking her thumb! So - she made sure I knew that she was no longer sucking her thumb, in fact, "she took her thumb out". I laughed out loud!

Today as I was changing her she was telling me about the leap pad book she was "reading". She was telling me all about the song in it, it goes (and I quote):
"Marny had a little lamp, little lamp, LITTLE LAMP, marny had a little lamp, and fleas are we go!" She smiled and was so proud that she learned that song all by herself. She was especially cranky today and in turn I was a little cranky today - because she wasn't sleepy - after all she took her thumb out and she "bees a good gruel"; However when she sang that song it just made me laugh and hug her!


My thoughts and I do have them

Okay - So I've spent the last three days trying to "upgrade" my template - trying to make it more "jazzy" - more like me! Well, as you can see the powers that be think the template I have started with is just fine. So - who am I to argue? I suppose the content is more important than the overall look - and I hope you will forgive me for not knowing enough about HTML codes to fix my play list player and my countdown timer to fit the page. I mean - I think three days is long enough in the trying department. I'm sure down the road I'll get another wild hare and try to change it up again, but trust me that wont be for a while!

I have already written about this crazy weather but can i just say - seriously? I mean seriously mother nature? 80 degree weather to snow in a day?! Even Kaitlyn doesn't change her mind that fast and she's a two year old Gemini! I went to work on Thursday, and it was cold and overcast when I got there. One hour later its snowing, 30 minutes later its snowing so much that it was near white out conditions, one hour after that i had to clean my car off as I had over three inches of snow! When i got off work at noon you couldn't even tell it had snowed!

Yes, I'm a little miffed about the weather - only because I LOVE the sunshine. I can handle rain - but I am definitely NOT a snow girl. NOT!

The other day (you know, when it was 80) the neighbors came over and we all hung out in the backyard. It was so nice, and I was able to work on my tan! The kids definitely have spring fever! They all want to be OUT - and cry when its time to come in!

Speaking of the kids, its so nice that I live in this neighborhood! Until my sister comes in a month, Kaitlyn doesn't have anyone to play or socialize with. I am so happy that she has "friends"! Sure they fight and argue occasionally but overall they are just so darn cute together! When she is playing with the kids, I can really see how much she has grown. Its very cute when it's snack time and she asks to share with Kylie and Jane and Keegan and baby Reynolds and Krista. Krista is always lumped in with the kids.

Well that's all I have for today! Check back soon!