Some more mom nuggets...

Here are a few more things I never thought I would say, let alone hear! Enjoy!

"Kaitlyn, why are you licking your arms?!" "Well, I didn't wash very good."

"KAITLYN! SHOES WITH DOG POOP DO NOT GO ON THE TABLE!" "Did you even wash your hands after you touched the poopy shoes?" She sniffs her hands, and says "they don't smell like poop!"


My First Garden Food!

So - yesterday I got to eat my first, grown from seed, garden food!!! I pulled two radishes and made a delicious salad (with store bought salad stuff (for now!))! I have to say how incredibly proud of myself I am! I have several more that are ready but I didn't want to be greedy on my first harvest!

He He He!

Look what I grew! All by myself!

My baby is 4!

This day was sad and happy all in one! I took some time in the morning before everyone was awake to reflect on the past four years. Man - time really does fly. When you are a kid it seems like the days last forever, but as an adult there is never enough time in the day, and before you know it - four years has gone by. sigh.
Anyway - we decided to have two parties, one for the "princesses" and one for the family. Kaitlyn had been asking for a "Cinderella" party since last October. She was ecstatic! She looked SO adorable! All the girls had a great time and I have officially become two of the girls party planners. ha ha ha! That made me feel good! Thanks to all our friends and family for making her special day "special"

Here are some of my favorite pics and video's of the day! Check out the slide show on the right for all the pics. (you can click on it to see the full size version)

Here she is on her new bike!

All the cuties!

YES! I WON! Breanna was SO excited!

A cute video of the girls rocking out! This cracked me up! My girl is so cute! ;-)
Here she is, acting all grown up!

Speaking of cute, here are a few pics of the cake and cupcakes that I made. I am so proud of those butterflies! They were devils food cupcakes with homemade peanut-butter butter cream icing! TO DIE FOR! The cake was something I dreamed up - and I think it turned out pretty darn cute! I know Kaitlyn loved it! Which - in my book is all that matters! How did I do Sarah?


"That was a cheap shot"

Awhile back I wrote about some of Kaitlyn's new words. "Peecheought". We have been asking for a while now what exactly is a peecheought. I would give her a cookie and say "Is this a peecheought?" She would laugh and say No. "I would watch a show with her and something funny would come on - and I would say "man that was a peecheought" and she would look at me like I was from another planet and say "No it isn't."

A few weeks ago we figured out that "peecheought" was from the Garfield movie. So we watched it over and over, but Kaitlyn would either fall asleep before the part, or lose interest. We figured out that it was probably something that hurt, and was probably funny.

I gave up learning what peecheought meant. UNTIL...

Jamie and Akasha were really brainstorming and figured out what it meant!!!!

Odie throws a pillow at Garfield and Garfield says "that was a cheap shot!". That was a peecheought."

Mystery solved. Thanks detectives Busch and Scarrow.

another thing I never thought I would say.

So - I have always wanted to write a book about all the things I say on a daily basis that I never thought I would say. They are my little mom nuggets of wisdom.
Here is today's nugget:
"Kaitlyn, you DO NOT rub watermelon on your forehead!!! Watermelons are not for FOREHEADS!".
Here are a few other memorable nuggets:
"Kaitlyn, my boobs are not for honking."
"Daddy's underwear are NOT, I repeat NOT a hat."
Hope you enjoy them as much as me!