My thoughts on the Democratic National Convention

I just finished watching Barack Obama's speech. I am speechless.
Many of you know me- and you know that RARELY happens.
Most of you know that I am a supporter of Hillary Clinton. I was disappointed that she couldn't continue her race for president. Since then - I have been following this election, from a distance.
Having said that - I was moved by Barack's speech. I was moved almost to tears. He is an eloquent speaker, visually painting a picture- but aside from that, I believed what he was saying.
Maybe I'm hormonal but I truly was inspired by his words and I truly believe he is THE BEST PERSON TO RUN OUR COUNTRY.
I will not go on and on and spout my political beliefs but I will say how important it is for EACH AND EVERY PERSON that is able to VOTE!!!!!
Please don't call me a "flip flopper" or taking the popular vote. I have viewed both candidates as a "team" of sorts. I thought either would do a magnificent job of running our country - Let's face it - anything is better than the boob that is in there now! :-)
Let's take back our country and let's show the rest of the world how great America is and how lucky we are to live here! Make your voice heard!



So, like Sarah I don't have much to report other than today is my day off and I have been taking it really slowly! I was thinking of running some errands later but the later it gets the less I want to go!

I am posting this photo and video only because it's the 2ND time it's happened in two days. Yesterday's was much worse (most of the roll) and I was in NO mood to record it for posterity. Today I got some rest and I thought it might be funny later on.

Well, That's really all I have for today!
Fish taco's for dinner tonight! YUM!
OMG! I almost forgot! I saved $118.00 on my grocery's at Safeway the other night with all my coupons! WOO HOO GO ME! Thanks to Sarah who motivated me to use my coupons to their fullest potential! :-)


My daughter cracks me up

One more thing - before I forget!
Kaitlyn has been on an arguing kick lately. Its a nifty little thing she recently picked up - "no i didn't - yes you did - no I didn't - uh-huh, uh uh, uh huh... blah blah - you get the picture.
Last night, after a fun filled day of arguing with a three year old (which I will address later) this is what happened:
"Kaitlyn, you need to go potty on the big girl potty before bed."
"No I don't"
"yes you do"
"but i don't"
"but you do"
"I already went pee pee."
"Kaitlyn go pee pee right now please"
"fine-uh (another nifty little thing she picked up)"
"Mommy - did you dump my pee pee?"
"no you didn't" "yes i did" "no" "YES" "but you didn't" "but I did" "No" "YES!"
"No, (she says with a smile)"
"See -?! (I say) Mommy was right! MOMMY IS RIGHT! STOP ARGUING WITH MOMMY! I AM RIGHT!"
She announces "I am left".
What else could I do but bust out laughing.
File this under unforgettables!
You may be asking yourself why? why am I arguing with a three year old child?
The answer is quite simple. I will give you multiple choice and all the answers are correct.
1. I love fighting a losing battle.
2. I am insane (at least lately).
3. Because I don't have enough on my plate that I feel I need to occupy my few spare moments in idle chit chat.
Deep breath in - and out. There I feel "bettert" as Kaitlyn would say!

My favorite site!

So, I was browsing through one of the emails that I subscribe to from babycenter.com and I discovered one of my favorite articles that I used to read - now has a BLOG! WOO HOO
Well actually - she's had it for some time and I just haven't paid attention.
It's called Very Violet and I read it from the day Kaitlyn was born until the time they stopped the article (which was at the end of Violet's first birthday). Violet and Kaitlyn are only months apart and I just loved the way Joyce wrote. It was very picturesque and charming. It's the kind of writing I aspire to! I remember feeling so much better about my parenting skills (or lack there of) after I read her article. It really helped me feel like I was normal - and the things I was experiencing was normal. And, above all - KAITLYN was normal!
So - I am super stoked about this and I guess you all know what I'll be doing in the coming weeks.... checking up on Joyce and Violet!
If you all want to check it out for yourself I put a link under my "friends". Or, just go to babycenter.com and go to "momformation". Her blog is called very violet!