Crazy Colorado Weather & Kite Flying (It ain't for kids folks!)

Yesterday we went to the park in attempts to fly Kaitlyn's kite. After about an hour of frustration- someone, (who was not me or Kaitlyn -ahem) was about to break the kite; so I went to the car to read the directions. LOL - Upon my return - box in hand (which apparently is a HUGE ego crusher) kite flying was put to rest for the day. We (not me or Kaitlyn) did get the kite up a few times, lasting about five seconds before crashing to the ground. I managed to capture one picture! LOL We (Kaitlyn and I) hope to try again soon! We (Kaitlyn and I) ended up playing kickball and going to the playground so all was not lost! We had a great time any way!

I thought I would put a few pictures in of the crazy weather we've had this month! Only in Colorado can you build a horribly frumpy snowman, play in the pool, try to fly a kite and play kickball instead and get dressed up in a spring dress - all in less than a month!

Well, That's all I got for now! Check back soon! :-)


First Post - YIKES!

Okay - So here goes! This is my first blog. My neighbor told me that it's a lot of fun - and you all know how I like to have fun! :-) I'm hoping this will help me remember and keep track of all those little "unforgettable's" that often get forgotten. So - what's going on in our world? Well, I started a new job. I love it so far! I am a little tired as I have to be there by 7:00 and I'm not used to getting up early anymore! LOL It's really perfect - its 4 hours (sometimes 5) a day and I'm home by lunchtime to be with Kaitlyn! Speaking of Kaitlyn - man. She is growing up so fast. Sometimes it makes my heart sad. I swear she goes to bed a baby and wakes up bigger and smarter everyday! She often tells me that I'm her "Bestest and her Fav" but last night she told me that Daddy was her best friend. So cute! I guess I got replaced as "bestest" but I'm still "fav"! I'll settle for that any day! We recently had our first family vacation, and mike and my's first in over 6 years! We went to Kentucky and Tennessee. We had a great time, and of course it wasn't long enough. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the trip!

Well folks,
That's all I have so far! Keep checking back as there is more to come!