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First haircut!

So, I broke down and trimmed Kaitlyn's hair for the first time. I took about three inches off! It seems like a lot when you look at it! Her hair was getting so tangley, it was time!


When I was all finished, she looked at me and said "well, that didn't hurt at all"!

Man, she's so cute!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Saturday we decided to get out of the house for a family day! We headed up to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo! Despite the cold (it was a bit chilly) we had a great time! Mike and I hadn't been there in years, and Kaitlyn had never been. Quite a lot has changed! It seemed a lot friendlier, and more welcoming! The giraffes were awesome as always, but the new enclosure was pretty cool! I especially liked feeding the birds. We got some great shots of the day, and I know we all had a good time!

Here is a pic of Mike and Kaitlyn feeding the birds. As you can see - she was terrified! I'm surprised she didn't give herself whiplash ducking so much!

These tigers were SO cute! They we so playful! We really enjoyed watching them!

Here we are on what seems like, the top of the world! It really was beautiful! And yes, I am wearing ear muffs - I love my ear muffs! :-)

Well, that's it for now - hope you enjoy the pics and the videos!


Good Day Sunshine

Kaitlyn and I decided to have a girls day in the sunshine! The weather was 70! It was awesome! We went to the park and fed the geese and the ducks. We walked around the lake and played at the playground! It was a lot of fun! I really loved spending time with my little pumpkin. She is growing so fast!!

Like father like Daughter - Lord please help me!

So - the other day, Kaitlyn was getting ready to go outside and play and she announces "This is my new invention, and I need to take it outside!" Mike thought it was the MOST hysterical thing ever. I didn't think it was that funny! Since then EVERYTHING is about her "invention".

For those of you who don't know - Mike is an aspiring inventor. When he gets on his inventing kick, that is ALL he talks about 24/7. He lives, eats, breathes and talks invention. Which means that I live, eat and breathe invention.
I can barely stand one inventor - but I draw that line at two.

Unless one of them makes it big - ;-)


Good bye Toddler - Hello Big Girl!

I knew this day would come - I just wasn't ready for it. I didn't expect her to grow this quickly!

You might think I am talking about some monumental, life altering occasion but, I'm not (not really anyway). A few weeks ago we took down the toddler bed and gave Kaitlyn a big girl bed.

I didn't think that this was going to be a big deal for me, but it was! I was really sad! It seems like just yesterday I was changing diapers, and now I'm researching pre-school!
It was time, I mean her toes were sticking out of the bottom slats! That doesn't make it any easier to see her growing up!

We also took the time to put up the shelves that I made for her about a year and a half ago!

She really likes her new bed, in fact she sleeps really good in it! Which makes me happy! She is especially fond of the T.V. which is playing milo and otis constantly now.

Well... That's all for now!

Have a great week!

Curry Reception

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking pictures for my cousin Jeff's reception. He and his wife Christy got married in Georgia in December. My Aunt Patty threw a reception for them at her house and it was wonderful! I really enjoy working on things like this with her - it's kind of "our thing". And, I must say we are getting pretty good at it! Click the link below to see a slide show of the day. I hope you enjoy the pics and can get a sense of the "unity" of this family!


Christmas? Still? SWEET!

Here is a video just for Aunt JJ and Uncle Mikey - But you can look too! ;-)

She really loved both gifts - and she really misses you guys!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, LET IT SNOW!

A few weeks ago it snowed and Kaitlyn was so excited to get out and play! She is much like her Daddy in that aspect! They both LOVE the snow! Here are some pics and video of her fun!

A shot of her making a snow angel. I tried teaching her this last winter but she just couldn't understand why I wanted her to wave her arms and legs around while lying in the snow. It's funny how much things change in a year!

Totally Happy!
Here she is getting ready to throw a snowball at me! Even the cold doesn't put a damper on that ornery spirit!

Snow Angel in action

Brr! She grows so fast! Time for a new coat with longer arms!

Time to warm up!

Have a great day!