Crafting, crafting, CRAFTING!!!!

I haven't posted in a while, because I have been in my "room" crafting like a fiend for weeks (it seems). Now that I work at Michael's, I have been in crafting overload. My brain literally is going a mile a minute every day that I am at work. So, It's been really satisfying to be able to release some of that creative energy! Although I should be working on Christmas stuff (I am SO FAR behind) this was a lot of fun! I will post a pic later of our Halloween house!

I have been a crafter for a long time, but this year it's especially fun because Kaitlyn has been crafting with me! She was so meticulous and precise. I had to get a pic of her painting this cat. She barely got any black on herself! I was so proud! LOL
Here are some pics and a few little videos of our fun!

Deep in creative thought

Last week, my neighbor Sarah needed to get some painting done herself, so she asked if I would watch Jane for a bit! I immediately sat them down for a craft! They loved it! Jane is so cute - and I always enjoy her! The girls crafted, sang, danced and of course argued a bit. But - all in all it was fun for all!

Sarah returned the favor by taking Kaitlyn to a "trunk-or-treat" party at her church. Everybody parks their cars - and puts candy in their trunks so the kids can go around and fill their baskets with treats. Kaitlyn has wanted to be Dorothy for Halloween for two months! Needless to say she was especially excited when they day FINALLY arrived that she got to put her costume on! Here are a few pics - I know there will be more -and you can probably check out Sarah's blog for some too...

I have SO many cute shots of her - but I'll stop it there! Kaitlyn had such a great time! Thank you to Sarah and Andrew for letting her be a part of their fun!

She can't believe that she gets to do it again on Friday!

Oh - one more hysterical shot...

After a fun filled craft day - We put K to bed, and as always before I go to bed I check on her. This is what I found.

She was SOUND ASLEEP! I took pictures and everything - she didn't budge! Ahhh, to be a kid!

Well - I need to get crafting!

Check back soon!


Day at the Zoo

Yesterday was a free day at the zoo so K and I decided that it would be fun to check it out! We had such a good time and the weather was perfect. It was nice to spend some time with her and enjoy each other's company. She walked the entire zoo! She only asked to get in the stroller when we were on our way out.

See our day in the slideshow above this post.... I haven't figured out how to embed a slideshow in here yet.

When we got home - She decided to do this:

The part you didnt hear was the most hysterical thing ever! Mike was in there - and said "Kaitlyn, haven't we told you to draw only on paper?" She said " WHO SAID THAT? I never said that!" I laughed so hard I nearly peed!
That's when I grabbed the camera but - of course the funny part was past.


Race for the Cure

We had a great time! We got up bright and early and Kaitlyn was none too pleased that "it was TOO bright in her room". But she quickly got over it when her hot chocolate was ready and blueberry muffins to eat. We took the light rail downtown, and that was an adventure in itself. The trains were only running every 15 minutes. The first one was full so we decided to wait for the next one - which was a mistake. That train was even fuller, so we crammed our way on. Luckily the light rail is fast and it was only about 20 minutes to downtown!

We did the 5k co-ed walk. It was such an amazing experience.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored us - it went to a great cause! We really enjoyed our family day!

Us at the start of the day - Kaitlyn was super excited! She got a hat cause the guy at the donation station thought she was especially cute! Which - she is!

On our way to the start line! The race started on Speer above I-25

Kaitlyn especially loved all the bands that played along the way!

On Federal near 29th

walking past Invesco Field

Heading for Colfax - This actually (for me) the coolest part of the whole race. This is really where you get to see the sea of people. It's really breathtaking and moving.

On Colfax - So cool. LOL this is the one and only time is SO Cool to be walking on Colfax.

SHUT UP. I know I opened myself up to a whole slew of comments....

Looking to the North East over Auraria Parkway

the I-25 on ramp from Colfax. From above it forms a ribbon. So amazing.

I didn't get a pic of the finish line because Mike and I got separated in all my picture taking. I spent 30 minutes trying to find him. But - when we got to the Auraria campus, Kaitlyn was excited to see Ronald McDonald!

The day was great - the weather was awesome and my heart felt full.

Day at the Museum

Last week Mike and I met our friend Sarah at the Littleton Museum and Historical Society. I have lived here my whole life and never knew this place was there! It was so cute! It has 39 acres, the museum consists of two living history farms (one from the 1860’s and one from the 1890’s), a small lake and a really cute museum. It was such a great family day - I highly recommend it, and the best part is that it's FREE! :-) There are several farms and they sell all the crops at local farmer's markets. The people that work their dress in period costumes.

Here are some pics of the day!

Here is Jane and Kaitlyn in the blacksmith shop.

Kaitlyn, Jane and Jane's cousin checking out the pig! I just love these shots from behind like this!

The cutest pic ever of Jane

Kaitlyn jammin on the 1800's piano. This was in the house on the 1890's side I think (or the 1860's I really can't remember but it was SO cute!) I wish I had gotten more pictures of the house - I was too busy looking around.

Posing for a pic in the flower garden.

Mike taking a "time out" LOL! This was one of many outhouse's but it was the only one you could go in. Mike took this as his opportunity to stake his claim!

Another out house - This was outside of the "little house on the prairie" style house. That's not what it's called its just what I call it.

The inside of the house - upstairs is a loft style bedroom.

Pretty Corn

This is one of the barn's and it Kailtyn loves brooms - mostly because she is obsessed with the wizard of "hoz" now and she was being the "wicken witch of the WEST!"

My Angel

Sarah's Angel

Not the best pic - This was outside the ice house.

Inside the school house. This was the original school house in Littleton and it was used for quite a while.

The ham's LOL!

It was a really great day! We had a nice time and I'm sure we'll visit again!