3rd Birthday Party Slideshow

Here is a slideshow of some of the pics at the party. If you want to see them all - just click "view all images". :-)


3 Years old!

The Birthday party was a success - sort of! It was really hot that day (in the 90's) and the T-Shirt thing didn't go quite as planned - but overall it was a great day! I was so busy that I didn't have time to stop and take it all in. After everyone went home and we were cleaning up I looked at my little girl; who seemed so big! I swear just last week she was barely crawling. Where did the time go? After the day was done, she looked at me and asked if she could have another "par-ree" tomorrow. I smiled and told her everyday was a party at our house, which appeased her!
The kids all said they had a great time (with exception of a few - but hey! You can't please them all right?) The pinata was a hit and the pool was a welcomed addition! At the end of the party I put my suit on and got in to cool off - which was my first mistake. The kids decided to dunk me. Then we decided it would be fun to throw Aunt JJ in too! :-) Of course no one captured this event on film. Actually it's a good thing because Im sure it wasn't the most picturesque scene!

Thanks to all my family and friends who helped make the day special!
Here are a few pics of the day!

Errr...see above. Sorry.


My how time does fly...

My baby girl will be three years old tomorrow. Three.

I was tucking her in last night, looking at her beauty and tears welled up in my eyes. God sure did bless us! So - I am totally emotional and I thought I would share a few excerpts from the baby journal I kept for her.

"Well, we are trying to have a baby! I'm not sure if I am pregnant or not - but I should have started by now....I know it's too early to feel anything but I think I am pregnant!!"

"The waiting was killing us so I bought a home pregnancy test. (It was a two pack!) I did the first test at 10:00 p.m. It was POSITIVE! Your daddy was - well shocked & scared I think. He said "Maybe you better take the 2ND one just to be sure." So when I woke up the next morning, it was confirmed! He was so sweet and we both cried. He said "She's not even here yet and I already want to protect and take care of her" Your daddy at six weeks was positive you were a girl.

...We got to see you on the ultra-sound - WOW! You are about 1.5 inches long! Tiny! We could see your heart beating away! What an amazing feeling - I am carrying a life inside me! Your daddy and I both cried (again)! Oh baby you are going to be so loved! P.S. your daddy still thinks you're a girl!

"...you don't really like sweet stuff - but you sure did like pizza!"

"We were coming home from a visit from your grandma's house and I felt you kick for the first time! It felt like you were running around in my belly! You didn't stop either! All night long "tap tap tap"! Oh how sweet to finally feel unmistakably you! I thought I felt you before but this time I was sure! Your daddy can't wait for his little girl"

"...We got to see you on the screen - I cried at the sight of you little hands and feet... your daddy was so quiet.... When we first saw you, you were curled in a little ball! The nurse kept pushing an pushing - and the harder she pushed you would kick her! We got to see your kidneys, heart, your spine, you little tibia and fibula, and the coolest thing was to see your brain! We could see your cerebellum at the base of your spine - it was so amazing! She went over your face & you raised your hands to cover it - awe, you're shy?! Your mommy will fix that! The nurse asked if we wanted to know the sex and we both shouted YES! The nurse finally got you to move and there it was, or wasn't in your case! "It's a little girl" she said. A wave of emotion ran over me - that I can't explain. That's my daughter, I thought to myself. I kept wiping my tears so I could see the screen. That's when your daddy said (rather loudly) I KNEW IT!!!!! He was wiping tears from his eyes with a smile from ear to ear! "
...I keep asking myself questions; will I be a good mother? Will I know what to do? Will you love me? I know I will love you, I already do. I've gained 14 pounds - which is really good - but I feel huge! We met another Dr today - Dr. Levy. He asked me not to go in to labor for at least 6 weeks because he hadn't finished the delivery chapter in his "how to deliver babies" book. too funny! Hearing your heartbeat still makes me smile! Your father beams with pride every time he hears it!


..."I'm watching one of my favorite shows, and I can't help but think of all the things I want for you - Love, Laughter, Happiness, Faith, Security, Hope, Pride, Humility and even a little fear. I want you to feel support and encouragement from your family. I want you to feel loved and protected. I want to teach you right from wrong - but I want to allow you to make mistakes of your own so you an learn the difference yourself. I want to encourage your strength's and help you strengthen your weaknesses. I want to laugh and cry with you but most of all I want to love you - love you with all my heart! There are so many uncertainties in this world, but the one thing I always want you to be certain of is that I love you with every ounce of energy in my body!"


"...I am savoring every little kick and wiggle and hick up that I feel. I know I will never feel those "firsts" again. I still giggle every time I hear your heartbeat at the Dr. I love patting my belly when you get the hick ups. I love the gleam in your daddy's eyes every time he sees you move inside me. Before I got pregnant with you I never understood how you could love something so much and yet have never seen it, touched it, held it; but i know now that it is so possible!


"Happy Birthday Kaitlyn Mychael Manzanares! .....9:15 a.m. Dr. Levy told me to stop pushing, he told me to open my eyes and watch you be born. That moment was the most miraculous, awe inspiring moment in my life. They placed you on my tummy, I cried and could not believe the miracle I just witnessed."

And still today - I think she is a miracle! She is a blessing in every way!

Thank you lord for the blessings!


Hot fun in the summer time

Tuesday Jamie and i took the girls to 2 Dollar Tuesday at the Ridge. We had so much fun! The girls laughed and played and played some more! I was missing my brother so I decided to be "incognito" like him. It wasn't near as funny as he was but it still made Jamie laugh. The first few pics are of last year - I thought I had a picture of him being incognito with goggles on - but I can't find them, so these will have to do!

We miss you brother! Come home soon - and come home safe!

Be very very quiet...I'm hunting wabbits.

Splish Splash!

Girl Time
The sweetest girl in the whole wide world

The sweetest girl and her cousin decided to attach aunt JJ - and some little boy who wandered by thought it looked like fun - and joined in!

Well , I better get going! Check back soon!


Girl Time, Sister Time, My Time

I have been putting off writing this blog, because I was really conflicted and emotional about it. Monday, Jamie and I went to the Brandi Carlile and Sheryl Crow concert and Red Rocks. It was amazing and beautiful and wonderful! We both had a blast - although be both forgot how much of a hike it was to actually get to Red Rocks (ahem, it was A LOT easier in high school). We did miss Brandi's first song (I was almost devastated because that's who I came to see) but I quickly got over it and enjoyed the rest of her set; which was awesome by the way! If you have never had the pleasure of listening to her music you can check her out on my tunes. She really is gifted and her music brings me to tears sometimes (in a good way). Something exciting happened too! I won ticket a 20 row ticket upgrade! So, we moved to row 15 and saw Sheryl Crow much closer! It was so cool! Sheryl was as good as I remembered her and Brandi was even better!

Any way - we got there and I was looking around at the beauty that is Red Rocks and remembering a time before I was a wife and a mom - and all the carefree things that made up my life then. I have to admit that I was a little sad. I do miss being able to take off when I want and go where I want and not worry about bed time or nap time or if I have enough diapers. Back in the day - concerts were my "thing". I would see at least 6 shows a year. They were my escape - my freedom, my dream. I would listen to my idols and watch them on stage and dream it was me and what it must feel like to have "that". "That" feeling is why I went - and obviously the music. Anyone who knows me -knows that I am a music freak. Always have been and always will be. During Sheryl Crows set I began missing my family - I wished they could have been there enjoying the music and the scene and taking it all in with me. I was having a great time - and this is where I realized that I don't really want to take off at a whim anymore - or do what I want when I want. I want my family with me! So it was so nice to have "my time" and to enjoy a night like it used to be... but in the end I was so thankful to come home to my husband and my precious baby girl. Thank you Jesus!



Brandi Upclose

Brandi and Sheryl Crow!

We had a blast!

Love is free

Well, its late and I have to go to work in the morning!
Good Night!


Getting Crafty

Yesterday Jamie and I took the kids to lunch and to Michael's for a crafting event they were holding. The kids got to make paper flowers, a vase and a cute little caterpillar. They intently listened to the instructor and were so proud when they were finished. Kaitlyn was especially proud of her "snakey worm"!

The whole thing lasted about 30 minutes, but they had a great time.

Afterward, the kids scattered and Breanna went over to Kylie's house to play. We joined Jan and Krista for cards and let the kids play until late in the evening. Mike won first and I got second in a heated three person showdown!

We put "June Bug" and "Bean" on the bed together and put a movie on. They were soon out and sleeping like angels! It's safe to say they had a great time - as you can clearly see!

All Tuckered Out!

Well That's all for now - Jamie says she feels another shopping spree coming on! Yay for me! :-)

Out of the mouth of babes

The other day Kaitlyn and I were in the kitchen. She had just woken up and wanted her morning hot chocolate. I was about to warm the milk in the microwave and this is the conversation that ensued.

"What's that?" "What baby?" "THAT -(as she is pointing to the microwave)" "The microwave" I say. She says "What's that button?" "Which button" "THAT ONE - (she points to the turntable button pictured below)"

Then she says "Is that the stove's belly button?"

It may be wrong -but that was the cutest thing I ever heard and I say "YES IT IS!"

I just wanted to write this down before I forgot. I really enjoyed it and I hope you do too!


Man, I'm in trouble!

A few days ago Jamie and I, along with Kaitlyn, went shopping. My Goal was to get Kaitlyn some summer time jammies, and a couple of shirts for me. I now remember why I don't go shopping with my Sister. She convinces me that EVERYTHING is SO cute and I "must buy it now"! So, $100.00 later I decided to buy Mike a couple of outfits to soften the blow! He He! If you're wondering if it worked - sorta. I bought him two outfits - and he says "Thanks. Wish you would have gotten socks." Serious? I could have gotten by with just a bag of socks. Lesson learned. I'm sure next time I'll get it right! :-) For anyone who is interested Kohl's is having a pretty good sale. All the shorts, capri's and summertime shirts are buy one get one free. Most of the kids clothes are buy one get and TONS of things are 40% off. We ended up getting Kaitlyn like 5 pairs of jammies, and 5 or 6 outfits... I lost count. And, by "we" I mean Jamie. She bought her a ton of really cute clothes! Just in the nick of time. This girl is growing like a weed I tell you! She is getting bigger every week it seems. Anyway - I digress . While Jamie and I we're shopping for cute outfits for Kaitlyn, she was trying on shoes. And was quite disgusted when I wouldn't let her buy even one pair of 3x over-sized shoes. She looked at me with a frown and said "BUT - These are really cute and sparkly." I had to pry them out of my sister's hands because as I've learned, if Kaitlyn says something is cute and sparkly Jamie MUST buy it for her. Sigh. So - That's why I'm in trouble. My daughter loves shoes (an addiction I'm all too familiar with) and her Aunt thinks its perfectly OK to buy 5 pairs of shoes that are too big for her just because they are cute and sparkly. (Insert big sigh and head shaking here.) It's funny because back in the pre-mommy (and pre-married) days , I was the same with her kids. I would show up at Jamie's house with hundreds of dollars of clothes and toys (mostly loud obnoxious ones with whistles and lights!) at a time - and I wouldn't even bat an eye. They were for my nieces and/or nephew. Period. And, if Akasha or Jarod wanted something they knew all they had to do was smile at me and say "kee-kee, my would like to have..." and I would melt and get it for them. I know my sister always appreciated it, even if she yelled at me to stop. So, I hope she knows how much I appreciate it - even when I'm yelling at her to stop! :-)

Kaitlyn and one of her new outfits.

Speaking of Jamie - that poor girl is laid up in the spare bedroom, cut off from the world - because she has Step. Eeeew. She was complaining of a sore throat while we were shopping. I thought it might be from the change in the weather and the dryness here. Nope. I took her to the ER yesterday and she did not look good. She looks a little better day - not much. Hopefully she'll be up and running by weeks end. So, I just get Kaitlyn well - and Jamie gets sick. Honestly I thought Mike and I would be sick too - with all the work we had been doing in the past few weeks - but knock on wood - nothing yet!

Mike did finish the dog run - and here is a pic if you're interested! :-) A big thanks to Rayme for all of his help!

Denali and Kody

Well, I better get busy! Check back for updates soon!