First Timer

While at my mom's (and during a less painful tooth moment) we took the 4-wheeler's out! We had a great time! Mike and I explored the roads and took a few we had never taken before. The sun was on my face, the sky was blue, the weather was warm and I was totally calm and relaxed. The scenery was gorgeous! I was humming along - when Mike shouts at me "Is that all the faster that thing goes?!" with a familiar smirk. That did it! All the bliss went flying by and I wanted to leave him in the dust!

June Bug had her first 4-wheeler ride! After two days of coaxing she finally decided she would be a big girl and try. She loved it! We were riding along and Mike took off ahead of us and she looked and me and shouted " GO FASTER! I WANT TO CATCH UP!" We couldn't get her off!

The trip up there was fun (painful, but fun) and I had a good time playing games!


Little lou said...

Man I should have took myself up on my offer to invite myself along. Looks like you guys had fun minus the tooth.

The Brush Family said...

you guys are so stinkin cute. glad you had a blast in the sun before the cold, cruel winter hits and glad you tooth is fixed finally. and afterall it's only money, right. aughhhhh. :-))))