Garden Update

Have I mentioned how utterly proud I am of my garden? Well - I am! I am SO stinking proud! Food is growing, ACTUALLY growing! And pretty darned good I might add! :-)

It hasn't been without it's problems tho - the wind knocked over my tomato planter and all the tomatoes on the bottom got broken. The hail killed several things... actually I killed more than the hail did trying to protect it from the hail. Sigh. But, overall things are growing and I can eat them ... AND I have been doing it totally organic! No harmful pesticides or growth enhancers! I got this great book from the library that I may not give back (just joking Chris....) and it has tons of organic tonics that help your garden, yard and flowers! I recently treated my garden to a pest pulverizing salsa - to get rid of harmful bugs! It smelled so good I wanted to eat it - except that it had 6 jalapenos in it and it would have been way too hot! But, it worked! I have made a friend with a crab spider. Yes, I said it - a spider. Don't get me wrong, we're not hanging out having iced tea or anything but we are "co-existing". He lives on my tomato plant, and eats all the bugs and promises not to sneak up on me. In turn, I let him live. Symbiotic relationships are so nice!

My yummy spinach

Here are a few pics! Today I think I might make a salad with my lettuce, spinach, cilantro and radish! ;-)

Above - Some of my lettuce, and one of my radishes! YUM!

My bell peppers are just starting to grow, and an overall view of the upside down planters.

Here are my cherry tomatoes - you can see one is almost ripe! Ya! The one looked like it had a seed growing on the outside, so i picked it off, and it left a scar. Ooops. This is where the spider lives, he was camera shy today. The second pic is a close up of one of the bell peppers.

basilSome lemon boy tomatoes

Well, that's all for now, have a great day!

On a sad note - I came home from work to this.... apparently (or we're guessing) that the wind broke my tree. :-( Anybody know of a great deal on tree's????


Little lou said...

Your garden looks amazing! I can't believe how much everything has grown since I have been gone. You have one green thumb. I can't believe your poor tree. I know of some trees that are really inexpensive that grow fast but I'm not sure how ideal they would be for the one tree in the front yard sort of thing. We can talk later about it if you are still looking when I get back.

The Brush Family said...

your garden is rocking. keep up the green thumb work mamma!!