First day of school

Okay - so today is actually her second day of Pre-school. I am sitting here drinking my coffee, in complete silence because Mike is driving today. I'm thinking to myself "what should I do now?" Seriously - What should I do now? I know it's only two hours but I found myself with this nervous energy. So - I decided to bake some bread (in the bread maker of course) and get going on laundry - Only after I sat for 20 minutes and just did nothing. I didn't talk to anyone. I didn't watch t.v. I just sat. It was kind of nice! Now, to tackle that darned pantry. Uggh.
Tuesday was her first day - and NO, I didn't cry. Almost - but the tear didn't come out. She marched right up to the door, kicked off her shoes and asked where to put her book bag! She didn't even say goodbye! (That's the part where I almost cried.) She learned about the letter "A".
Kaitlyn is beside herself excited for school and "Mrs. Holly's class" and all her new "friends". Wednesday was excruciating for her. She must have asked 20 times "when do i get to go to Mrs. Holly's house?" She sang a song for me today "adios, adios - see you on Tuesday! See you on Tuesday." I think she is really going to do well!

Here are some pics from the open house and from her first day.

All set to start learning!

Daddy explaining that we have to wait until Mrs. Holly opens the door.

My little angel!

All sass, but still so cute!

Brushing her teeth all by herself, after all she's a big girl now!

Her folder! I know I'm a dork - I thought this was exciting!

Some of the classroom

Mommy and Kaitlyn decorating her book bag.

Mrs. Holly and Kaitlyn.

can we go in yet??!

Sorry for the backward order - I'm having a hard time organizing pics on here lately. Anyone else having this problem?

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The Brush Family said...

OMG this is going to make me tear up. where had the time gone?? she is adorable and love the classic 1st day of school outfit and her hair!! i'm seriously gonna need lessons from you on how to fix girl hair. sorry missed your call other day. we were in calif on vacation. i'm so sad pool is closed!!