The guitar

Our dear sweet friends decided it would be a GREAT idea to give (not loan, or borrow) GIVE Kaitlyn a guitar. Their so carefully thought out reason was because she would need it for her Halloween costume. Here is an excerpt from our conversation:
Me "Oh, this is cute, I'm going to hide it from Kaitlyn until Halloween."
Monique "too late, Zoe gave it to her last night, she just forgot it here."
Me "Oh, well, we'll be really careful with it, thank you! ....... Gave? You mean, lent, right?"
Monique (BIG SMILE) "NO! We have TWO, K.K (that's what she calls her.... ) can HAVE this one! (BIGGER SMILE)."
Me "ya! (sarcastic smile!)
LOL - I really wasn't looking forward to the twanging, but I have to say she cracks me up with that guitar almost everyday.

This is a "song" she made up. This isn't the best one, but its the only one she's let me record.

Mike even decided to get in on the guitar action. He secretly wants to be a country song writer! :-) I was trying to record him, but was only able to get the tail end of the song! It was pretty funny. His "country" songs are my favorite!

I hope that she continues to love music, but more importantly not be afraid of it. I feel music in my bones - it speaks to my soul. Without music I would be lost. But - I was always too afraid to sing in public or take the mic. It's something I still regret, and something I'm still terrified of! She reminds me so much of myself, I hope to teach her to be confident in her abilities - which is something I have always lacked.

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