Crazy Colorado Weather & Kite Flying (It ain't for kids folks!)

Yesterday we went to the park in attempts to fly Kaitlyn's kite. After about an hour of frustration- someone, (who was not me or Kaitlyn -ahem) was about to break the kite; so I went to the car to read the directions. LOL - Upon my return - box in hand (which apparently is a HUGE ego crusher) kite flying was put to rest for the day. We (not me or Kaitlyn) did get the kite up a few times, lasting about five seconds before crashing to the ground. I managed to capture one picture! LOL We (Kaitlyn and I) hope to try again soon! We (Kaitlyn and I) ended up playing kickball and going to the playground so all was not lost! We had a great time any way!

I thought I would put a few pictures in of the crazy weather we've had this month! Only in Colorado can you build a horribly frumpy snowman, play in the pool, try to fly a kite and play kickball instead and get dressed up in a spring dress - all in less than a month!

Well, That's all I got for now! Check back soon! :-)


Captain Cool and The Mates said...

I'm so glad that you and Kaitlyn had such a great day. It's amazing how hard a kite can be to fly sometime. I love Kaitlyn's dress, where did you get it?

Christy said...

We did have a great day! Thanks for coming over yesterday - We'll have to "hang" in your back yard once it starts getting too warm!
I got her dress at my favorite place in the world - SAMS! :-)
I just remembered what question I was going to ask - How do you get a list of "friends" on your page?

Captain Cool and The Mates said...

Hey know you are going to have to teach me some things about making my blog cooler. I like the music thing. Here is the link with some different wall paper http://matiekay.blogspot.com/
Yeah I was thinking in the summer it will be your back yard in the morning and mine in the afternoon. I know you will be working in the morning (boo on the new job) but I just figured I would make friends with your sister and I will play with her instead. As far as getting the friends on your page go to customize, layout, page elements, click on add a page element and the click on link list. Call it friends and then add the address and names. Let me know if that is clear or not.

Wynona said...

Good for people to know.