Brr! It's cold outside ... and dark!

I can't stand daylight savings time. I think it is the most stupid thing ever! I can't stand waking up when its pitch black outside and I really love getting off work at noon to the freaking sun going down. Okay - so that is a slight exaggeration. But It's not too far off! IT'S NOT THE 1800'S AND WE AREN'T FARMERS! Even the farmers don't use daylight savings time anymore. Uggh. I think we should put in on the ballot next election. I vote "spring forward" all the time!

Okay - I'm off my soap box now!
It snowed here today - about 1/2 an inch! Kaitlyn had asked to go out all day! So - here she is playing in our first snow! LOL

The video is 30 seconds long - she was back inside about one minute later! LOL!

Last week I took Kaitlyn to the children's museum for the first time! It brought back a lot of memories of taking Akasha there. They have a lot of new things! It was really cute we had a great time. When we got there the Platte River trolley was running - so we took a quick ride! She really had a great time! We played and played there! She really liked the toddler area. It's a little less "crazy"! And it's decorated really cute - like a meadow with trees that you can go in! These aren't the best pics - they were taken with my phone. But still cute enough to share! Oh - I wanted to share that the 1st Tuesday of every month is free day at the museum! Check the website for times etc.

The trolley

Us taking a ride!

There was a big magnet board - that I thought would be pretty boring but she really like it. We played there for quite sometime!

For those of you that have been there before - they still have the grocery store and the kitchen. She liked it - but the other kids had bought most of the food and wouldn't share. She got bored really quick.

Here we are at the Vet clinic. She really like that! Isn't she super cute?!

Here is "firefighter" Kaitlyn! They have an old fire truck that kids can climb on - and little coats and hats to wear. I cringed when she put it on (I'm such a germ-a-Phoebe) but I had to admit she looked pretty cute!

This is in the toddler area. I really recommend this for anyone with kids 3 and under. We spent most of our time here!

Well that's it for now! It's been a really long week - and I'm looking forward to the weekend!

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