Let's see... what HAVE I been up to?

So - things have been a little out of hand here but I thought I would take a few minutes to update you all!

First - My mom was in the hospital for two weeks. This was after a few brief stints in the hospitals in Canon and Pueblo. So - I had been going back and forth to the hospital in Aurora - merely for moral support. They still aren't sure what was wrong - but she couldn't walk or feel her legs or arms. She has been going through this for over two years now.

She is doing a little better now.....but still not certain what is wrong.

On a lighter side - we attended breakfast with Santa again this year, and as always it was a lot of fun! Kaitlyn is still asking for a trampoline from Santa! I had to laugh because all she wanted last year was candy. This is year it's a trampoline, a WHITE barbie jeep - because she doesn't like the pink one anymore, lots of Disney princess things and the list goes on and on.

Here are a few pics of our day:

We also celebrated my Great Grandmother's 96Th birthday! We weren't able to be there on her actual birthday because we were sick. So we came with cake and gifts the following week. I always enjoy spending time with her. She is the kindest most wise person I have ever met and I strive to be anything like her.

I also celebrated a birthday! My husband threw me a party for my 34Th birthday! My friends and family came and it was a great time! My husband got me a new camera that I just love! I was so excited - about all my gifts and about spending time with my friends and family! Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with me!

Thank you to my wonderful husband for throwing me a party when I wasn't in a party mood. I was really grateful that he saw the opportunity to lighten the mood of this otherwise stressful month! Love you!


Little lou said...

Who are those two hot people at your party wearing blue shirts? Happy Birthday! I hope your actual day was good I haven't even talk to you. Man christmas time can sure keep you busy. K looks so adorable in her dress.

Mommasita said...

Thanks! I'm not sure who those two were - they just showed up and brought a gift so I let them stay! :-)
I think we should have a girls party! Whattya think?