Christmas was a blessing! We had so much fun! Kaitlyn was so excited! For months all she asked for was a trampoline from Santa. When she came down the stairs, she froze. Her eyes got HUGE and she yelled "Santa was here! And he brought me a TRAMPOLINE!!!" It was so heart-warming! That was her favorite gift until Auntie Shell brought the dress up trunk. Then THAT was her "frave-rit"! LOL.

Mike was really surprised to get the GPS. He had no idea! I finally got one over on him! I was sure he would figure out that I got him a paint set - complete with brushes and a canvas (because he had said he wanted to try painting); but he was completely surprised! When I asked him what he thought he was going to get he said "a drill". LOL Go me! It felt really good to give that to him! It was worth fighting through the crowd and traffic at Park Meadows! :-)

Honestly the gift giving is always my favorite - not that I don't like getting (LOVE IT) but it really does warm my heart to give.

She was a little reserved at first! But that quickly changed....

The night ended with her getting in to the make-up that Santa brought and smearing it all over her eyes. Oh - it was lip gloss. Pink. With sparkles. And as you can hear - she thinks it looks beautiful!

I hope everyone was blessed this Christmas, and I hope for many more blessings in the New Year!


Little lou said...

that is too cute. I'm glad she was stoked to get her tramp.

Little lou said...

it looks like you had a great christmas and that santa treated you all well.

Little lou said...

that last comment was frm sarah brush. sarah cottle is signed in for me.