Good Day Sunshine

Kaitlyn and I decided to have a girls day in the sunshine! The weather was 70! It was awesome! We went to the park and fed the geese and the ducks. We walked around the lake and played at the playground! It was a lot of fun! I really loved spending time with my little pumpkin. She is growing so fast!!


The Brush Family said...

it's official your daughter is too darn cute and growing up too darn fast not to have another babe. come on take the plunge and make another baby girl. she's really a doll.

Little lou said...

What a fun day I need to get to clement park I was forget that it exists.

Mommasita said...

I know - it's a drive but I really like it. There is SO much more to do - and there are bathrooms!

Thank you Sarah - she is adorable! And if this economy was better I would already be cooking another!