First haircut!

So, I broke down and trimmed Kaitlyn's hair for the first time. I took about three inches off! It seems like a lot when you look at it! Her hair was getting so tangley, it was time!


When I was all finished, she looked at me and said "well, that didn't hurt at all"!

Man, she's so cute!


Little lou said...

Oh my goodness you did it! can't wait to see what it looks like in person. I love your new layout you must have figured it out.

Mommasita said...

actually - no... matiekay finally added some! WOO HOO GO MATIEKAY

Anonymous said...

Some other background sites for you:




The Brush Family said...

I can't believe you trimmed her beautiful hair. i guess you lasted a long time b4 trimming it though. how fun. what a cutie!