I have wanted a garden for years, and for Mother's day this year my husband decided to build me a raised garden bed! He and my brother in law Mike, built me this beautiful cedar garden bed and drilled my buckets for upside down planters. I must have been too caught up in the moment because I didn't take a single picture (and that is just NOT like me!).

I decided to do half store bought plants and half seeds. I have to say that I am really proud of myself! I am just going for it! I really have no idea what I am doing but I'm sure I'm going to get something out of it! Here are some picture of our progress!

Here is Jamie helping me plant carrots and Jalapenos!

She is really excited about the garden!

Don't I look so happy!? I found a quote recently "The best place to look for God is in the garden, you can dig for him there".

Here are some pics of my stuff!


Heirloom Tomatoes (green zebra) and some brussel sprouts from my neighbor!

Some Green onions and some red onions, I think there is a cantaloupe in there too - followed by more bell peppers and some giant Marconi peppers.

My upside down tomato planters! I know - they aren't the most attractive, but SO effective! I am so super excited about them! Can you see my babies? One yellow pear tomato and like 3 or 4 cherry tomatoes! My Raspberry bush!

Baby Marconi Peppers

Some Mint


We had a hail storm while we were camping, and I was so worried! But - all in all they didn't fair too bad! I lost one whole stem of flowering tomatoes - hopefully they will still bloom more. My beans came up (pic to the left) and my peas are doing awesome! My jalapenos got a bit beat up but they still bloomed! My carrots are coming up in troves! YUMMY!

Well - that's it for now, I will be updating continuously!


Little lou said...

Your garden rocks! You are going to have so much good stuff.

Mommasita said...

thank you! I am really excited!

Mommasita said...

thank you! I am really excited!

The Brush Family said...

your garden is freaking amazing! i'm so impressed with everything that has already grown. esp the tomatoes, i only have two on one plant and zero on the other. i should've went for the upside down one like you. you go momma. see you at krista's tomorrow!!