Number 1)

noun (plural plums)

1. dark red fruit: a round or oval smooth-skinned fruit, usually red or purple, containing a flattened pit. 2. A fruit recently discovered by my 3 year old, which is "delicious for her tummy"!

Used in a sentence:
" Mommy, can I have another one of those plumps, they are delicious for my tummy!!!."

Number 2)

Pecheeought. Pronounced PEE-CHEE-AUT.
Noun? Verb? Adverb? Yes? I think.
This definition is a little harder because I'm not sure what it means. I know it has been used in several applications as follows:

A. "I bonked my head and that was a real pecheeought!
B. " Aunt JJ you are such a pecheeought!
C. "Peecheeought, I forgot my brushy!"
D. "Cheyenne is going to eat my plump, that is a pecheeought!"

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The Brush Family said...

LMAO at your littl angel. so sweet. soak it up momma!