My baby is 4!

This day was sad and happy all in one! I took some time in the morning before everyone was awake to reflect on the past four years. Man - time really does fly. When you are a kid it seems like the days last forever, but as an adult there is never enough time in the day, and before you know it - four years has gone by. sigh.
Anyway - we decided to have two parties, one for the "princesses" and one for the family. Kaitlyn had been asking for a "Cinderella" party since last October. She was ecstatic! She looked SO adorable! All the girls had a great time and I have officially become two of the girls party planners. ha ha ha! That made me feel good! Thanks to all our friends and family for making her special day "special"

Here are some of my favorite pics and video's of the day! Check out the slide show on the right for all the pics. (you can click on it to see the full size version)

Here she is on her new bike!

All the cuties!

YES! I WON! Breanna was SO excited!

A cute video of the girls rocking out! This cracked me up! My girl is so cute! ;-)
Here she is, acting all grown up!

Speaking of cute, here are a few pics of the cake and cupcakes that I made. I am so proud of those butterflies! They were devils food cupcakes with homemade peanut-butter butter cream icing! TO DIE FOR! The cake was something I dreamed up - and I think it turned out pretty darn cute! I know Kaitlyn loved it! Which - in my book is all that matters! How did I do Sarah?


Little lou said...

What an absolute doll. I can't believe she is already four. To think the summer I moved in she was turning two. Time does sure fly. Looks like you totally out done yourself once again. I want to know why I didn't get one of those cupcakes. They are totally up my ally.

The Brush Family said...

your cupcakes are awsome. i'm very very impressed. i guess i never got you the bk but it looks like you didn't need it. they rocked. i'm so glad your baby is 4. she's such a sweet, cute girl. you go mamma.