"That was a cheap shot"

Awhile back I wrote about some of Kaitlyn's new words. "Peecheought". We have been asking for a while now what exactly is a peecheought. I would give her a cookie and say "Is this a peecheought?" She would laugh and say No. "I would watch a show with her and something funny would come on - and I would say "man that was a peecheought" and she would look at me like I was from another planet and say "No it isn't."

A few weeks ago we figured out that "peecheought" was from the Garfield movie. So we watched it over and over, but Kaitlyn would either fall asleep before the part, or lose interest. We figured out that it was probably something that hurt, and was probably funny.

I gave up learning what peecheought meant. UNTIL...

Jamie and Akasha were really brainstorming and figured out what it meant!!!!

Odie throws a pillow at Garfield and Garfield says "that was a cheap shot!". That was a peecheought."

Mystery solved. Thanks detectives Busch and Scarrow.

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Little lou said...

How funny!!! Good thing you have all those extra detectives around.