Kaitlyn's first "real" haircut!

A few days ago I took Kaitlyn to my friend Amy, at Aloha Salon in Castle Rock ,
for her first real hair cut.
She was SO excited!
She kept saying "It's not going to hurt, RIGHT?"
She was very concerned that she was going to cut all of her hair off. Amy reassured her and all was well! She sat so very still and was so serious. When Amy finished, she asked Kaitlyn what she thought "Kaitlyn said... Ummm, I think you could take a little more off!" What a little diva! The best part for her was the candy cane at the end!
Here are a few pics!
Getting set up. She really liked the penguins!

She was so proud - she really felt like a "big girl"!

Picking hair ties for the COOL BRAIDS!

There was a little more, but I didn't get to it before some got swept up... dang it! :-)

Thanks Amy for making this a really great experience for us! You're the best! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting me share this with her!! she was the best little customer!!

Monique said...

She is REALLY at home in that chair!