Another snowy Halloween

With the storm dropping a ton of snow on us (and still snowing) I am reminded of all the snowy Halloween's as a kid. I remember being SO upset about not being able to go trick or treating because the weather was just too bad. One Halloween in particular I remember Bev was even disappointed. She stopped at the store and got us a bunch of scary movies, we got to eat cream of wheat for dinner (which was a treat and one of our favorites) and eat all the candy that we had to give the trick-or-treaters. I think we ended up having a few die hard kids that year (clearly their parents didn't win the battle). It ended up being one of the best Halloweens! I can still picture Jamie and I on our tummy's in the living room (on Baltic St) watching the creep show - and laughing at Mom who thought it was the scariest, most disgusting movie ever! HA! That still cracks me up. I also remember the time I got my tonsils out 8 days before Halloween and was DETERMINED to be well. I was a zombie punk rocker. The zombie part was unintentional. Snowy Halloween Lights

Good Times! I remember all the fights with Mom and Bev about having to wear my jacket over my costume (or winter boots for crying out loud!) Me, "But if I wear my jacket no one will see my costume" Bev, "well if you don't wear your jacket, no one will see you - period". I wore the jacket, begrudgingly. I remember dressing up for school (that was the best) and getting to do the costume parade!

Kim and I as Gypsy's in Grade School at one of the costume parades. I hated this costume at first because it was "home made" and not store bought (like all the other kids). But when I got to school and parents and teachers thought my ear rings were the best ever - well... it quickly turned in to one of my most favorite costumes ever! :-)

The view from my front porch this morning.

I find myself thinking about this as my little girl gears up for her first snowy Halloween. Last year was a fluke - it is NEVER nice enough here to trick or treat on Halloween - with only a light jacket. She is so excited and I am hoping she will get to go to a few houses - or I will find myself in the same predicament as Mom and Bev... "what to do with a ticked off trick-or-treater!"

I will add that Mike couldn't be MORE happy with the weather. For one, he loves the cold - but more importantly, he gets to use the snow blower! Kaitlyn loves it because she gets to use her bucket and fill it with snow - to make stuff! Guinness loves to tunnel through it - I am the odd one out. I am making it through this mess by imagining myself on a beach, with a fruity cocktail of some kind - smelling coconut suntan lotion....aaaahhhh.
Yesterday afternoon. You can't see the grin because he took off so fast!

Kaitlyn was super excited yesterday to go dig! Boy - wonder what she is going to think of today's accumulation!

Guinness in his tunnel path this morning.

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