My thoughts and I do have them

Okay - So I've spent the last three days trying to "upgrade" my template - trying to make it more "jazzy" - more like me! Well, as you can see the powers that be think the template I have started with is just fine. So - who am I to argue? I suppose the content is more important than the overall look - and I hope you will forgive me for not knowing enough about HTML codes to fix my play list player and my countdown timer to fit the page. I mean - I think three days is long enough in the trying department. I'm sure down the road I'll get another wild hare and try to change it up again, but trust me that wont be for a while!

I have already written about this crazy weather but can i just say - seriously? I mean seriously mother nature? 80 degree weather to snow in a day?! Even Kaitlyn doesn't change her mind that fast and she's a two year old Gemini! I went to work on Thursday, and it was cold and overcast when I got there. One hour later its snowing, 30 minutes later its snowing so much that it was near white out conditions, one hour after that i had to clean my car off as I had over three inches of snow! When i got off work at noon you couldn't even tell it had snowed!

Yes, I'm a little miffed about the weather - only because I LOVE the sunshine. I can handle rain - but I am definitely NOT a snow girl. NOT!

The other day (you know, when it was 80) the neighbors came over and we all hung out in the backyard. It was so nice, and I was able to work on my tan! The kids definitely have spring fever! They all want to be OUT - and cry when its time to come in!

Speaking of the kids, its so nice that I live in this neighborhood! Until my sister comes in a month, Kaitlyn doesn't have anyone to play or socialize with. I am so happy that she has "friends"! Sure they fight and argue occasionally but overall they are just so darn cute together! When she is playing with the kids, I can really see how much she has grown. Its very cute when it's snack time and she asks to share with Kylie and Jane and Keegan and baby Reynolds and Krista. Krista is always lumped in with the kids.

Well that's all I have for today! Check back soon!


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Captain Cool and The Mates said...

Dude this weather does suck. I wish mother nature would make up her mind a little bit. I like the picture. Hopefully next week is warm so we can make some more memories. I hope you still want to hang out as much when your sister is around. Remind me to tell you a funny story about the guys later.