Camping & 4th of July 2008

We went to Lake DeWeese for the 4Th of July weekend to go camping. We had a great time, although it seems to me that it was WAY to much work. It took me two days to get stuff ready to pack, one whole day to get it set up when we were there, one whole day to tare down and two days to clean up once we got back. And that isn't even the work involved while we were there (the cooking the cleaning etc.). Overall it was a good time and I captured some fun pics!

We took a hiatus from camping to go up to Mom's to ride the 4-wheelers! It took a little while to get my "groove" back - but I finally did and it was SO much fun! ;-) As you can see from the pic, Mike never lost his groove - he LOVES riding!

Kaitlyn's first time fishing! And with her new Barbie fishing pole!

Their "Diamond" Rocks.

Check back soon for more updates and fun photo's!


P.S. I almost forgot! KAITLYN POOPED ON THE POTTY! I hope it wasn't a fluke - since she went on the 15th, and hasn't gone again. Keep your fingers crossed folks!

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Little lou said...

Man your camping spot looks awesome. I can't believe that you were so close to the water. I was a witness to all your hard work but I'm sure it was worth it. Plus it was fun to make fun of you for a couple of days.