The other night we were trying to find something fun for Kaitlyn to do and that we could all enjoy as a family. Mike said "what about going to Lakeside Amusement park"?

So - off we went! I will admit that I was a little scared. I mean the last time I was at lakeside I was worried that:

1) I was going to get "shanked" in the kiddie park

2) I was going to contract some terrible disease if I touched anything

and 3) I was pretty sure the rides had NEVER been serviced and I was probably putting my life in jeopardy by riding even the carousel.

Well - maybe I was a little jaded back then. NO- it wasn't the cleanest place and YES some of the rides were broken but; we actually had a great time! What made it even better is that the kids there were there weren't crying or yelling, they were all smiling and happy! Kaitlyn always does better at new things if the kids are happy!

Mike and I both thought that Kaitlyn would be really nervous and stand-offish about riding the rides but we were pleasantly wrong! She was SO excited! She hopped right on and smiled the whole time! Here are a few videos & Pics of the fun we had!

That's all for now! Check back soon!

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Little lou said...

Man that looks like a lot of fun. Where is the lakeside amusement park? I've heard of lakewood but not lakeside.