Not potty training and Going Camping

So life at the manzzy house has been crazy and one thing after another! Kaitlyn has all but quit trying to go potty on the potty. I bought lots of "potty presents" that she gets to have when she finally goes poop, she has chocolates (which worked for Jane and Kaitlyn seemed enthusiastic), she has jelly beans (JELLY BELLY'S EVEN), she has stickers and even a potty chart so she can see how good shes done. She was doing GREAT going pee - we have a whole chart of "pee" progress - but poop - well POOP she wont go! One day last week Akasha was trying to teach her how to go poop and she sat there and pushed for 30 minutes or so - and when she got up the seat stuck to her butt and she screamed that it hurt so now she doesn't want to be a "big gruel" at all. Sigh. I have no idea what to do next other than demanding that she go. Yesterday I was so frustrated that I told her she couldn't have anymore candy until she went potty on the big girl potty. I know that's wrong but I was desperate. I should have started this a year ago when I wanted to (not when the DR. told me to) because she would have been much more open to the idea and I could have molded her easier. NOW - she has an opinion of her own and her own idea of what a big "gruel" is. Sigh again.

We are going to go camping this weekend and I am excited and nervous. I sure hope Kaitlyn does well but if not my Mom's is not that far away. So - I wont be blogging for a bit (no access) but I'm sure I will have lots of fun stories when I get back!

Have a safe and happy 4th -

God bless this country and god bless our troops!


Little lou said...

I didn't realize you were going to leave Kaitlyn while you camped. You guys deserve to have some time alone. Don't worry about the potty training it will come eventually. Enjoy your break away!

The Brush Family said...

she'll get the potty training soon. don't worry and hang in there and then remember all the secrets to pottyying success, so you can share it with me when the time comes. happy camping and happy 4th!!!!