Tea Anyone?

Last night as Mike was on the phone and I (undoubtedly) was playing around on FB, I heard Kaitlyn downstairs talking to someone. "What's that honey? WHAT?! No - Stop it, I can't understand you honey, What? OH, OK!"

Intrigued, I came down to see what she was doing.

This is what I saw.

Every place neatly set on a blanket table cloth, complete with a coaster (plate), a crayon(spoon or fork) a tissue (napkin) and some of her bears patiently waiting to be served a gourmet meal. She even had a centerpiece!
The bears were dressed in their Wednesday night best (her old nightgowns that she refuses to get rid of even though they fit her like a t-shirt)! Apparently the bears were a bit upset that there was no "real" food.
I came down just in time to see her heading for the pantry - where I will point out Mike was sitting next to and had no idea the mess she was about to make. LOL.
I just love watching her play and use her imagination.

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