Lions and tigers and Swine flu - Oh MY!

No lions or tigers, although I'm sure I growled just as much as one. Kaitlyn came down with the swine flu and narrowly escaped hospitalization. My poor little angel had a fever of 103 (with Motrin) for 4 days. I was able to get the presciption for tamiflu, although her Doctor said it wouldn't be available much longer. She is mostly better now, no fever, but still doing breathing treatments (we are down to two a day). During this time Mike was also sick.
It is so hard and scary to see a little one so sick. I am so thankful she is on the road to recovery!
Now - after taking care of Mike and Kaitlyn, I am starting to come down with something.
Where is my tea? My tissues? My soup? My vicks rub down?
I got nadda.
Sigh - such is life. The life of a Mom.

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The Brush Family said...

Momma's don't have time to be sick!! I hope you are ok. So glad K and M are on the road to recovery!