Thank GOD for family!

We got our central air put in three years ago. Every summer (including the first year) our ceiling has bulged in our bathroom (unit is located upstairs above the bathroom). We have had to poke holes in the ceiling to let the water drain. I'm sure you can imagine me during the last 3 years. Every time I went to the bathroom I would look up at the ceiling in disgust! Here is a re-cap of just one conversation about the last 3 years.

Me: Do you know our ceiling has a huge bulging bubble in it?

Mike: huh?! really? I'll have to poke a hole.

Me: Sigh. You do realize it isn't NORMAL for a/c to leak and ruin our ceiling. Right?

Mike: I think its just too humid outside.

Me: You're kidding - right?

Mike: About what?

About two weeks ago - I went to use the bathroom - sat down, looked up in my usual disgust and near fell off the toilet as the bulge was about a foot deep and more than a foot wide. Insert conversation from above, only LOUDER. (This pic was taken after said "holes" were poked and the water drained for about a week.) Finally we (he)cut out the ceiling to find the root of the problem. My brother in law Robert, came over - last minute to help us out. Let me just say that I am SO grateful for him! He always drops whatever he is doing to help us. He has given up countless weekends to fix something for us and he never asks for anything in return. He says dinner is payment enough, and I'm happy to oblige but it doesn't seem near enough! Thanks Robert!

Robert took the unit apart (which is sealed to keep air pressure in, or something like that) and finds the manual. THE MANUAL!!!! Are you feeling me people? The installers SEALED the manual inside the unit and it was blocking the air flow - so the condenser wasn't burning off the condensation. I was really angry at first at the incompetency of the installers, but more grateful that taking OUT the manual seems to have fixed the problem. Now - we just have to schedule a few more dinners to fix the ceiling! I think I'll fix chicken... it's Robert's favorite! ;-)

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