Where have I been?

I can't believe it's been 7 months since I last logged in. That is unacceptable! So much has gone on, so many changes and memories! I'm not sure how I can catch you all up, but I'm going to try to recap the last 7 months. Here goes!
January -

We welcomed in the new year with family and friends. Monique and Brian stopped by to liven things up a bit!
February - Akasha started doing a little baby sitting for us! Wahoo! :-) She taught Kaitlyn a few dance moves! hahaha

My cousin Christopher was accepted at the Sheridan Police department! I was delighted that he would ask me to watch the pinning ceremony. (I think that's what its called! - sheesh, he's the first Police Officer in our family... gimme a break). I can't get over how proud of him I am! He really worked hard, devoted all of his time and stuck to it. I admire his perseverance.

February ended with the passing of a very special person in my life. My Uncle Dean Larson was a kind, strong man. I adored him. He was so funny and sweet. I have many memories of him, he loved playing card games, loved the outdoors and loved to go fishing. We recently got together and spread his ashes in a river he loved to fish in. It was a moment that I was overcome with emotion. My Uncle Walt honored him, and I was really touched by that. I am really going to miss him, and I look forward to seeing him again!

March -

We love watching American Idol. I'm pretty sure that Kaitlyn will be on that show (or something like that) one day. I captured her "performing" in our kitchen while we watched the show. She would often sneak off during the show and we could hear her singing and talking, but every time I got close, she would notice me and stop. You'll have to turn up the sound, because I was leaning over the fish tank and its loud.

A few of my favorite quotes from this video are:

  1. "yeesssssssssssssss - aaaaaaaah!" followed by the Rock star ending.

  2. "You sang the right words, you were thinking in your head that you were a rock star"

  3. "I think you're really good, you're going to be ready for St. Patrick's Day!" YESSSSAH!
  4. One more from the same night. I'm so bummed because I missed her saying " YO YO YO DAWG... " hahaha.'

This one is hilarious for a few reasons:

  1. hannah on, hannah on, hannah on TANNA! YESSSSSAH! " That's what she calls Hannah Montana. Hannah Ontanna.
  2. The several rock star endings.
  3. Air guitar.
  4. You have the show DOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWN AHHHH!"

We got in on some spring sledding action too - It was a fabulous day for sledding, the sun was so hot - that the nearly two feet of snow we got all melted by the end of the day! Alex, Austin and Richie came and enjoyed the fun too!

The sunshine didn't last - We got another foot of snow three days later! Guinness loves the snow!

April -

Easter! Kaitlyn had a blast! She was SO cute! She dressed up in the dress that Aunt Patty bought her and delighted in finding all the eggs! Too many pics to post, but here are a few of my favorites.

She a kite for Easter - and this kite flying experience went MUCH better than the first! ;-) I actually thing EVERYONE enjoyed it!

Kaitlyn LOVES to get in to my clothes and shoes and play dress up. She really thought she looked elegant. I can remember getting in to my Mamo and Granny's clothes and shoes and playing. I try to capture the moment without getting mad that she was going through my things again! I just adore her...

May -

Kaitlyn is ending her preschool career. She takes a class field trip to the Littleton Museum. It was pretty cute seeing her interact with her friends. She is getting SO big and SO smart. In fact, while I'm typing this she is reciting numbers in Spanish from one to ten!

Kaitlyn's last day of pre-school was in May. She was really happy because that meant she was getting to go to Kindergarten. She was really mad the next day when she woke up and it wasn't "kindergarten day". I think she felt slighted. hahaha. After she figured out she couldn't go RIGHT to kindergarten she asked if she could go back to pre-school while she waited. :-)

Mike and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary on the 3oth. Six years of bliss! hahaha
We had a few friends over to help us celebrate! It was a great day!

June -

My angel baby turned 5! FIVE years old. I can hardly believe I have a 5 year old. It seems like only yesterday she was this fragile little being that I was afraid to move - cause I thought I might hurt her. Now I'm just scared Ill screw her up in some un-fixable, life ruining way. I'm sure every Mom feels like this sometimes. She is so smart, funny and cute - I like to think I'm doing an okay job. ;-)

See the slide show on the right for all the pics from her birthday!

I drove to New Mexico for the first time in June. I really enjoyed it. What a beautiful State. The weird thing is that I had a dream a while back that I moved there. I could see me living there. Sante Fe was pretty and had some yummy food! :-) On my way through Sante Fe, I stopped in Las Vegas (cause I thought that it was funny) and happened to turn down a random street - and look what I found

What are the chances? Someone was definitely guiding me there - I had no reason to turn there!

I would definitely like to go back and spend a few days exploring Sante Fe. I only got to look around there for a few hours. Its worth the drive just for the fish taco's! :-)

Camel Rock - Took this just for Mike. He like to give pics of camels to his friend Rayme. lol.
Very pretty scenery!

Drove home in to a rainbow!

There were also some pretty spectacular sunsets in June - well not just in June, but I happened to capture a few that took my breath away! I took this shot from my patio. I love Colorado.

July -

We finally got to go camping for the first time this summer. We went to Jefferson lake and it was so peaceful and serene. I don't think I will ever go camping again on a weekend. It was MUCH more enjoyable during the week. It did rain everyday - but there is such a canopy of tree's that we didn't really get bothered by it.

I think Ive posted enough pictures for one blog. But i have this enjoyable video of Kaitlyn asking about the "bambooboo trees".
We were driving in the mountains and she looked up to the Aspen trees on the hillside and said "Momma, are those bambooboo's?" I made her repeat it several times just to hear her say it again and again! "No baby those are aspen trees, but you can call them bambooboo's if you want to".

Well, I think that brings me to August! Kaitlyn's first day of Kindergarten is tomorrow!

I can't even begin to write about that now!

Until Then,


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