My daughter cracks me up

One more thing - before I forget!
Kaitlyn has been on an arguing kick lately. Its a nifty little thing she recently picked up - "no i didn't - yes you did - no I didn't - uh-huh, uh uh, uh huh... blah blah - you get the picture.
Last night, after a fun filled day of arguing with a three year old (which I will address later) this is what happened:
"Kaitlyn, you need to go potty on the big girl potty before bed."
"No I don't"
"yes you do"
"but i don't"
"but you do"
"I already went pee pee."
"Kaitlyn go pee pee right now please"
"fine-uh (another nifty little thing she picked up)"
"Mommy - did you dump my pee pee?"
"no you didn't" "yes i did" "no" "YES" "but you didn't" "but I did" "No" "YES!"
"No, (she says with a smile)"
"See -?! (I say) Mommy was right! MOMMY IS RIGHT! STOP ARGUING WITH MOMMY! I AM RIGHT!"
She announces "I am left".
What else could I do but bust out laughing.
File this under unforgettables!
You may be asking yourself why? why am I arguing with a three year old child?
The answer is quite simple. I will give you multiple choice and all the answers are correct.
1. I love fighting a losing battle.
2. I am insane (at least lately).
3. Because I don't have enough on my plate that I feel I need to occupy my few spare moments in idle chit chat.
Deep breath in - and out. There I feel "bettert" as Kaitlyn would say!

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Little lou said...

So cute. Man she is a spit fire.