My thoughts on the Democratic National Convention

I just finished watching Barack Obama's speech. I am speechless.
Many of you know me- and you know that RARELY happens.
Most of you know that I am a supporter of Hillary Clinton. I was disappointed that she couldn't continue her race for president. Since then - I have been following this election, from a distance.
Having said that - I was moved by Barack's speech. I was moved almost to tears. He is an eloquent speaker, visually painting a picture- but aside from that, I believed what he was saying.
Maybe I'm hormonal but I truly was inspired by his words and I truly believe he is THE BEST PERSON TO RUN OUR COUNTRY.
I will not go on and on and spout my political beliefs but I will say how important it is for EACH AND EVERY PERSON that is able to VOTE!!!!!
Please don't call me a "flip flopper" or taking the popular vote. I have viewed both candidates as a "team" of sorts. I thought either would do a magnificent job of running our country - Let's face it - anything is better than the boob that is in there now! :-)
Let's take back our country and let's show the rest of the world how great America is and how lucky we are to live here! Make your voice heard!

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Little lou said...

I will vote! You're so patriotic! I like it.