So, like Sarah I don't have much to report other than today is my day off and I have been taking it really slowly! I was thinking of running some errands later but the later it gets the less I want to go!

I am posting this photo and video only because it's the 2ND time it's happened in two days. Yesterday's was much worse (most of the roll) and I was in NO mood to record it for posterity. Today I got some rest and I thought it might be funny later on.

Well, That's really all I have for today!
Fish taco's for dinner tonight! YUM!
OMG! I almost forgot! I saved $118.00 on my grocery's at Safeway the other night with all my coupons! WOO HOO GO ME! Thanks to Sarah who motivated me to use my coupons to their fullest potential! :-)


Little lou said...

Kids are so awesome. At least she is the cutest thing ever. I'm glad that toilet roll was full. Also job on the money saving. You rock!

Little lou said...

I'm missing something like what new stuff?

The Brush Family said...

looks like a blast. keegan has already picked up the same talented trick.