My favorite site!

So, I was browsing through one of the emails that I subscribe to from babycenter.com and I discovered one of my favorite articles that I used to read - now has a BLOG! WOO HOO
Well actually - she's had it for some time and I just haven't paid attention.
It's called Very Violet and I read it from the day Kaitlyn was born until the time they stopped the article (which was at the end of Violet's first birthday). Violet and Kaitlyn are only months apart and I just loved the way Joyce wrote. It was very picturesque and charming. It's the kind of writing I aspire to! I remember feeling so much better about my parenting skills (or lack there of) after I read her article. It really helped me feel like I was normal - and the things I was experiencing was normal. And, above all - KAITLYN was normal!
So - I am super stoked about this and I guess you all know what I'll be doing in the coming weeks.... checking up on Joyce and Violet!
If you all want to check it out for yourself I put a link under my "friends". Or, just go to babycenter.com and go to "momformation". Her blog is called very violet!

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Little lou said...

That's awesome you found a site that you can relate with. It alway helps when you find people going through the same thing as you. It makes me at least feel I'm a little more sane.