Day at the Museum

Last week Mike and I met our friend Sarah at the Littleton Museum and Historical Society. I have lived here my whole life and never knew this place was there! It was so cute! It has 39 acres, the museum consists of two living history farms (one from the 1860’s and one from the 1890’s), a small lake and a really cute museum. It was such a great family day - I highly recommend it, and the best part is that it's FREE! :-) There are several farms and they sell all the crops at local farmer's markets. The people that work their dress in period costumes.

Here are some pics of the day!

Here is Jane and Kaitlyn in the blacksmith shop.

Kaitlyn, Jane and Jane's cousin checking out the pig! I just love these shots from behind like this!

The cutest pic ever of Jane

Kaitlyn jammin on the 1800's piano. This was in the house on the 1890's side I think (or the 1860's I really can't remember but it was SO cute!) I wish I had gotten more pictures of the house - I was too busy looking around.

Posing for a pic in the flower garden.

Mike taking a "time out" LOL! This was one of many outhouse's but it was the only one you could go in. Mike took this as his opportunity to stake his claim!

Another out house - This was outside of the "little house on the prairie" style house. That's not what it's called its just what I call it.

The inside of the house - upstairs is a loft style bedroom.

Pretty Corn

This is one of the barn's and it Kailtyn loves brooms - mostly because she is obsessed with the wizard of "hoz" now and she was being the "wicken witch of the WEST!"

My Angel

Sarah's Angel

Not the best pic - This was outside the ice house.

Inside the school house. This was the original school house in Littleton and it was used for quite a while.

The ham's LOL!

It was a really great day! We had a nice time and I'm sure we'll visit again!

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Little lou said...

Jane and I just had a great time reminiscing the day. Thanks for the fun day. You got some great shots.