Crafting, crafting, CRAFTING!!!!

I haven't posted in a while, because I have been in my "room" crafting like a fiend for weeks (it seems). Now that I work at Michael's, I have been in crafting overload. My brain literally is going a mile a minute every day that I am at work. So, It's been really satisfying to be able to release some of that creative energy! Although I should be working on Christmas stuff (I am SO FAR behind) this was a lot of fun! I will post a pic later of our Halloween house!

I have been a crafter for a long time, but this year it's especially fun because Kaitlyn has been crafting with me! She was so meticulous and precise. I had to get a pic of her painting this cat. She barely got any black on herself! I was so proud! LOL
Here are some pics and a few little videos of our fun!

Deep in creative thought

Last week, my neighbor Sarah needed to get some painting done herself, so she asked if I would watch Jane for a bit! I immediately sat them down for a craft! They loved it! Jane is so cute - and I always enjoy her! The girls crafted, sang, danced and of course argued a bit. But - all in all it was fun for all!

Sarah returned the favor by taking Kaitlyn to a "trunk-or-treat" party at her church. Everybody parks their cars - and puts candy in their trunks so the kids can go around and fill their baskets with treats. Kaitlyn has wanted to be Dorothy for Halloween for two months! Needless to say she was especially excited when they day FINALLY arrived that she got to put her costume on! Here are a few pics - I know there will be more -and you can probably check out Sarah's blog for some too...

I have SO many cute shots of her - but I'll stop it there! Kaitlyn had such a great time! Thank you to Sarah and Andrew for letting her be a part of their fun!

She can't believe that she gets to do it again on Friday!

Oh - one more hysterical shot...

After a fun filled craft day - We put K to bed, and as always before I go to bed I check on her. This is what I found.

She was SOUND ASLEEP! I took pictures and everything - she didn't budge! Ahhh, to be a kid!

Well - I need to get crafting!

Check back soon!


Little lou said...

Thank you so much for watching Jane again. It was fun to have to girls for trunk or treat. Your such a good mom with all your craft activities. That pic. of K asleep is hysterical.

The Brush Family said...

she is totally adorable. what a cute dorothy. i really hope we see you trick or treating on fri.