Day at the Zoo

Yesterday was a free day at the zoo so K and I decided that it would be fun to check it out! We had such a good time and the weather was perfect. It was nice to spend some time with her and enjoy each other's company. She walked the entire zoo! She only asked to get in the stroller when we were on our way out.

See our day in the slideshow above this post.... I haven't figured out how to embed a slideshow in here yet.

When we got home - She decided to do this:

The part you didnt hear was the most hysterical thing ever! Mike was in there - and said "Kaitlyn, haven't we told you to draw only on paper?" She said " WHO SAID THAT? I never said that!" I laughed so hard I nearly peed!
That's when I grabbed the camera but - of course the funny part was past.


The Brush Family said...

how fun. she's so grown up. glad you had a blast at the zoo. i still need to take keegan. i promised myself i would before his baby sister arrives.

Little lou said...

So Funny!