Race for the Cure

We had a great time! We got up bright and early and Kaitlyn was none too pleased that "it was TOO bright in her room". But she quickly got over it when her hot chocolate was ready and blueberry muffins to eat. We took the light rail downtown, and that was an adventure in itself. The trains were only running every 15 minutes. The first one was full so we decided to wait for the next one - which was a mistake. That train was even fuller, so we crammed our way on. Luckily the light rail is fast and it was only about 20 minutes to downtown!

We did the 5k co-ed walk. It was such an amazing experience.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored us - it went to a great cause! We really enjoyed our family day!

Us at the start of the day - Kaitlyn was super excited! She got a hat cause the guy at the donation station thought she was especially cute! Which - she is!

On our way to the start line! The race started on Speer above I-25

Kaitlyn especially loved all the bands that played along the way!

On Federal near 29th

walking past Invesco Field

Heading for Colfax - This actually (for me) the coolest part of the whole race. This is really where you get to see the sea of people. It's really breathtaking and moving.

On Colfax - So cool. LOL this is the one and only time is SO Cool to be walking on Colfax.

SHUT UP. I know I opened myself up to a whole slew of comments....

Looking to the North East over Auraria Parkway

the I-25 on ramp from Colfax. From above it forms a ribbon. So amazing.

I didn't get a pic of the finish line because Mike and I got separated in all my picture taking. I spent 30 minutes trying to find him. But - when we got to the Auraria campus, Kaitlyn was excited to see Ronald McDonald!

The day was great - the weather was awesome and my heart felt full.

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Little lou said...

I'm so proud of you! I can't believe how many people were there that is so awesome. I never made it to you site to donate I'm sorry I suck! It probably doesn't mean much but I've been donating money as i keep going to Albertsons to score my deals.