A "surprise?" party for Mike

I'm sure you all noticed the title - It was supposed to be a surprise poker party for my husband's 38Th birthday. My dear, sweet husband pretended he knew nothing (when i say pretended, it was more like put on a show) for a few days until i was convinced someone blew it. Yes, someone did blow it!! ME!!!

I inadvertently sent my husband a text message (meant for his friend Rayme) telling him all about his surprise party. Sigh. Oh well - it was the thought that counted right? It ended up being a blessing because I had him help! :-)

The party was great - All our friends and neighbors came, the kids had a blast!

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the night!

Monique and Sarah C.

Sarah B and Krista

Rayme (and baby Makayla), Rico suave (I mean Roger) and Mike. AKA the brat pack.

Rayme, Mike and Jan chillin'

Rayme, Gabe and Mike having a birthday "libation"!

To see all of the pics go here:


Thanks to everyone who came - and did their best not to tell Mike. I promise the next "surprise" party I throw will actually be a surprise! Sigh - And as you can see I was too busy playing poker to take a pic of everyone playing the game! Next time! :-)

On his actual Birthday, I had dinner for the family - Mike got a lot of nice gifts (and I can't wait to put him to work using them!) and was really pleased - so thanks to the family for the nice gifts and the company!


Little lou said...

YOu know how to put on a great party!! Happy Birthday to Mike!

The Brush Family said...

your party was a blast and your food delicious as usual. will you cater a party for me this summer?? i could really use you. and i pay big $$$$$ that's how yummy your food was. happy bday Mike!!!!

Mommasita said...

Thank you - and thank you both for coming! I was so glad you had a good time - I think everyone did! :-)