The best craft ever!

I was browsing Easter crafts online and came across this one... Easter egg window clings!

Here are a few pics of the ones we made!

They were so simple! All you need is:
a roll of clear contact paper, paint brushes, paint (we used acrylic), fine sandpaper and masking tape. Go here:
http://www.skiptomylou.org/2008/03/06/window-silhouettes/ for the complete instructions of how to make them. They were simple and easy - and Kaitlyn really loved it! Two recommendations: 1) cut the squares out ahead of time (I made mine 6x6) for each "egg" you make cut two pieces of contact paper. (You can get a roll of contact paper at wal-mart for cheap!) 2) once the paint is dry - flatten the squares with a heavy book overnight - that way they won't roll up on you!
The ideas for this craft are limitless! Spring flowers - Flags and stars - pumpkins etc. etc! I imagine you can use finger paints - but I used acrylic.
Enjoy crafty friends!


Little lou said...

"She's crafty, she's just my type". Your amazing Christy and festive. One day I will be half the women you are.

Mommasita said...

You're too sweet - and if I hadn't copy catted this idea I would totally agree with you! ha ha ha!