Uncle Mikey keeps his promise

While Mike was fighting the war in Iraq, he would call or email or video chat with us to keep in touch. Kaitlyn LOVES her uncle Mikey. In fact most other people are chopped liver if Uncle Mikey is around. Anyway - while he was in Iraq he promised to bring Kaitlyn a present back from Iraq. He got home safe and sound (Thank you Jesus!) from his third tour and sent her this:

Now - the thing around her waist is supposed to go around her head, but she wasn't having it - so I think it's cute as a belt too! It's a tad too small ;-(
so I am asking my friend at work if she can alter it some so it will fit her for a bit -
You have to agree, she is ADORABLE!
Thanks Uncle Mikey -


Little lou said...

What a beautiful outfit. Katilyn is adorable!

Monique said...