Spring Blizzard 2009

Yesterday we got a huge snowstorm! I work about 11.5 miles from here and it took me 2.5 hours to get home. We got about 15 inches - but with the wind, the drifts were well over 2 feet. Today was a lovely day, Kaitlyn was especially excited to get out and play in the snow! Krista and Kylie, and her friend Kylie Sue were out sledding so we joined them!
Playing in the backyard with Guinness

"I am making a snowball man!"

On your marks, get set, GO!


I thought this bird was so pretty! He was probably so confused! "Where did all the stems and blooms go?!"

Here are the girls - Man they sure had a blast!!

Krista took one of Kaitlyn and I - such a great pic!

These last two pics - are priceless! Krista and Kaitlyn went down, crashed and got up laughing - Here is the video to prove it! HA HA HA!

What a great place we live in!


Little lou said...

Nice video! What are the chances you would actually get the one where they big it. I'm glad we got a snow storm it just seems like there hasn't been enough snow play days this year.

The Brush Family said...

your pics look professional. is that just another one of your hidden talents?? are you using a special filter/lens?? the snow sure was a blast. it made me wish we were still neighbors. you rock mamma!!!!!

Mommasita said...

I know - perfect timing! That rarely happens to me - especially camera in hand! I couldn't stop laughing!

Monique said...

Those are GREAT pictures!