Man, I'm in trouble!

A few days ago Jamie and I, along with Kaitlyn, went shopping. My Goal was to get Kaitlyn some summer time jammies, and a couple of shirts for me. I now remember why I don't go shopping with my Sister. She convinces me that EVERYTHING is SO cute and I "must buy it now"! So, $100.00 later I decided to buy Mike a couple of outfits to soften the blow! He He! If you're wondering if it worked - sorta. I bought him two outfits - and he says "Thanks. Wish you would have gotten socks." Serious? I could have gotten by with just a bag of socks. Lesson learned. I'm sure next time I'll get it right! :-) For anyone who is interested Kohl's is having a pretty good sale. All the shorts, capri's and summertime shirts are buy one get one free. Most of the kids clothes are buy one get and TONS of things are 40% off. We ended up getting Kaitlyn like 5 pairs of jammies, and 5 or 6 outfits... I lost count. And, by "we" I mean Jamie. She bought her a ton of really cute clothes! Just in the nick of time. This girl is growing like a weed I tell you! She is getting bigger every week it seems. Anyway - I digress . While Jamie and I we're shopping for cute outfits for Kaitlyn, she was trying on shoes. And was quite disgusted when I wouldn't let her buy even one pair of 3x over-sized shoes. She looked at me with a frown and said "BUT - These are really cute and sparkly." I had to pry them out of my sister's hands because as I've learned, if Kaitlyn says something is cute and sparkly Jamie MUST buy it for her. Sigh. So - That's why I'm in trouble. My daughter loves shoes (an addiction I'm all too familiar with) and her Aunt thinks its perfectly OK to buy 5 pairs of shoes that are too big for her just because they are cute and sparkly. (Insert big sigh and head shaking here.) It's funny because back in the pre-mommy (and pre-married) days , I was the same with her kids. I would show up at Jamie's house with hundreds of dollars of clothes and toys (mostly loud obnoxious ones with whistles and lights!) at a time - and I wouldn't even bat an eye. They were for my nieces and/or nephew. Period. And, if Akasha or Jarod wanted something they knew all they had to do was smile at me and say "kee-kee, my would like to have..." and I would melt and get it for them. I know my sister always appreciated it, even if she yelled at me to stop. So, I hope she knows how much I appreciate it - even when I'm yelling at her to stop! :-)

Kaitlyn and one of her new outfits.

Speaking of Jamie - that poor girl is laid up in the spare bedroom, cut off from the world - because she has Step. Eeeew. She was complaining of a sore throat while we were shopping. I thought it might be from the change in the weather and the dryness here. Nope. I took her to the ER yesterday and she did not look good. She looks a little better day - not much. Hopefully she'll be up and running by weeks end. So, I just get Kaitlyn well - and Jamie gets sick. Honestly I thought Mike and I would be sick too - with all the work we had been doing in the past few weeks - but knock on wood - nothing yet!

Mike did finish the dog run - and here is a pic if you're interested! :-) A big thanks to Rayme for all of his help!

Denali and Kody

Well, I better get busy! Check back for updates soon!


Little lou said...

man i wish i had a sister that would spoil my kids. I'm so happy for you that your sister is in town and a little jealous. I love hanging with my sisters. Can't wait to see Katilyn in her new clothes.

jamizzle said...

OMG the dog run is Fabulous as always!! Well I love my niece what can i say, she knows who i am and I don't care who knows it I'm wrapped around her lil fingers. Just returnin the favs to u now, I get to spoil my niece. Thank u so much for takin care of me while I've been sick it's been nice. I love you and I feel another shoppin spree coming on lol.