Out of the mouth of babes

The other day Kaitlyn and I were in the kitchen. She had just woken up and wanted her morning hot chocolate. I was about to warm the milk in the microwave and this is the conversation that ensued.

"What's that?" "What baby?" "THAT -(as she is pointing to the microwave)" "The microwave" I say. She says "What's that button?" "Which button" "THAT ONE - (she points to the turntable button pictured below)"

Then she says "Is that the stove's belly button?"

It may be wrong -but that was the cutest thing I ever heard and I say "YES IT IS!"

I just wanted to write this down before I forgot. I really enjoyed it and I hope you do too!

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Little lou said...

That is a great story. Too bad you don't have her cute little voice recorded saying it.