3 Years old!

The Birthday party was a success - sort of! It was really hot that day (in the 90's) and the T-Shirt thing didn't go quite as planned - but overall it was a great day! I was so busy that I didn't have time to stop and take it all in. After everyone went home and we were cleaning up I looked at my little girl; who seemed so big! I swear just last week she was barely crawling. Where did the time go? After the day was done, she looked at me and asked if she could have another "par-ree" tomorrow. I smiled and told her everyday was a party at our house, which appeased her!
The kids all said they had a great time (with exception of a few - but hey! You can't please them all right?) The pinata was a hit and the pool was a welcomed addition! At the end of the party I put my suit on and got in to cool off - which was my first mistake. The kids decided to dunk me. Then we decided it would be fun to throw Aunt JJ in too! :-) Of course no one captured this event on film. Actually it's a good thing because Im sure it wasn't the most picturesque scene!

Thanks to all my family and friends who helped make the day special!
Here are a few pics of the day!

Errr...see above. Sorry.


Little lou said...

Who didn't have fun? Jane had a blast ! And the t-shirt thing was cool. There are no pictures!!!!! We want pictures!!!!!!

Little lou said...

I don't see the slide show did you put one on?

Christy said...

I had it there - then I pulled it off to edit it... got sidetracked and its back now! :-)

The Brush Family said...

so sorry to miss it it looked like everyone had a total blast. i can't believe she's 3!! where does the time go. it seems like yesterday i came over to meet your darling baby girl. congrats on another year of mommyhood. let's talk soon, sarah