Getting Crafty

Yesterday Jamie and I took the kids to lunch and to Michael's for a crafting event they were holding. The kids got to make paper flowers, a vase and a cute little caterpillar. They intently listened to the instructor and were so proud when they were finished. Kaitlyn was especially proud of her "snakey worm"!

The whole thing lasted about 30 minutes, but they had a great time.

Afterward, the kids scattered and Breanna went over to Kylie's house to play. We joined Jan and Krista for cards and let the kids play until late in the evening. Mike won first and I got second in a heated three person showdown!

We put "June Bug" and "Bean" on the bed together and put a movie on. They were soon out and sleeping like angels! It's safe to say they had a great time - as you can clearly see!

All Tuckered Out!

Well That's all for now - Jamie says she feels another shopping spree coming on! Yay for me! :-)

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Little lou said...

looks like a fun day! Hopefully Mike won enough money to cover your last shopping spree.